Scary Costumes for the Perfect Halloween…

I can't believe that Halloween will be here before we know it. As you know, we are HUGE Halloween fans and actually put together a very large Halloween walk-through for all of the neighborhood kids and adults. We have been building Halloween haunts for years and though our kids have always been excited this is the first year that they have decided that they want to be a part of the haunt. To do this, they have made the decision to skip the … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Tech Bundle at Best Buy #GearVR

Have you checked out the latest Father's Day tech bundle at Best Buy? I have a confession to make; I have always hated shopping for Father's Day! Lol... you see, Hubby is one of those guys who has just about everything he could need and I never know what to get for him. But this year is different, as Best Buy seems to have just what he needs! A.K.A. the latest and greatest in Father's Day Tech with the Samsung phone + Gear VR bundle at Best … [Read more...]

Kohl’s Cares books make great gifts for Moms!

Now, I know all the Dads out there have already shopped for gifts for the Moms in your lives but have you thought of gifts for Moms from the kids? If you are anything like my Hubby then it probably slipped your mind, but coming from a Mom, I am telling you that you need to take your kids shopping. I know, I know, shopping with kids is not always fun and I also know that kids have no sense of money, so my advice is to head to Kohl's! You see, … [Read more...]

Why photo gifts make the best Mother’s Day Gifts…

With Mother's Day approaching I know many are scrambling to find the perfect gift. For Mom's we like to give a sentimental gift that is more than just something, she will look at and put away. We like to give a gift that shows her how much we love her and how much the family needs her. That is why I love photo gifts. Photo gifts are a way of taking a family moment and turning it into a moment that will last forever. Yes, you can go the photo … [Read more...]

The secret to the perfect Teen Easter basket

Easter is coming and it is time to get those baskets ready. Though making fun baskets for kids can be pretty easy, those with teens sometimes struggle. You see, teenagers are at that in between phase; they are too old for kids stuff, yet still deserve a fun Easter. So, when thinking of the perfect teen Easter basket a lot of ideas crossed my mind and then Godiva reached out to me and a lightbulb went off. YES! Godiva is the secret to a perfect … [Read more...]

3 Outside the Basket Easter Ideas…

**Disclosure - this is a product-sponsored post. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. With Easter right around the corner now is the perfect time to decide to make it an outside the basket Easter. What I mean is that this year we may just skip the basket altogether and instead we are opting for toys and plushes that the kids can love forever. Here are my thoughts on an outside the basket … [Read more...]

New Disney FROZEN collection from HASBRO & tune in Sunday…. #PlayLikeHasbro

*Disclosure - this is a product-sponsored post on behalf of Hasbro Toys... This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own...   Boy do I have big news for you... First of, as you know, my kids LOVE Disney's FROZEN. I mean, I think we saw it in the theaters at least five times and have watched it many more times at home. I mean, it is one of those feel-good movies that proves that it is all about the love … [Read more...]

Make it a GODIVA Valentine’s Day

*Disclaimer - this is a product-sponsored post on behalf of GODIVA. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.    I can't think about Valentine's Day without thinking about chocolate. I mean, come on, chocolate makes any day better and Valentine's is the perfect day to give and receive delicious chocolate. Why not make it a GODIVA Valentine's Day? They have a wide assortment of items to choose from … [Read more...]

Show your love with a Teddy Bear Cake from Baskin-Robbins

*Disclosure - this is a sponsored post on behalf of Blog Meets Brand. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.    To me, Valentine's is not just a day for 'lovers' but it is a day to celebrate love in general. I like to find ways to celebrate by getting special Valentine's gifts for the kids and I also help them find special gifts for each other and for Hubby.  This year, they were excited to show … [Read more...]

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