San Antonio Moms – Go to the South Texas Maize for HALF OFF!

Last year my kids had the BEST time at the South Texas Maize! It was so much fun... the kids loved running around through the maize, then they had a blast jumping on the pillow, picking pumpkins and playing non-stop. That is why I LOVE today's Juice in the City deal for:$9 Admission for 1 Adult & 1 Child to the South Texas MaizeHere's the Deal - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take your brood on a fun, family-friendly … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – Save those old videos, tapes, photos and more…

The other day I was looking at my photos on my computer and was amazed at one photo, in particular. It was a great photo of two of my kids; both were looking at the camera, both were smiling, and the background was amazing. So, I took my whole laptop downstairs to show the In-laws. This started a discussion of all of Mother-in-laws old photos... it seems she has thousands of old photos in a box and she is sad that number one, they won't be handed … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms, Take your kids to the CHILDREN’s Museum with this DEAL!

Okay, you all know from my past posts that my kids LOVE the San Antonio Children's Museum. There is something for children of all ages. Little Man loves the "soap room," Little Miss loves the huge ball area, and Baby Miss loves the infant area. I won't even get started on the HUGE HEB fun Grocery area. This really is a place to take your children for a day of fun and learning. Plus with this weekends Juice in the City Deal - you can get in for … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – Look beautiful TODAY with this Deal

You know, as I get older I notice more and more that my skin is just not what it used to be. I guess all those nights of going to bed with makeup on or forgetting to put sunscreen on before heading to the pool has caught up to me. That is why I LOVE today's Juice in the City Deal for:$25 for Your Choice of Skin Service at BeautiwithDiane SalonAbout this Deal:Looking a little rough around the edges? Time and all of the elements can take their toll … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – Take your kids skating…

Some of my best memories as a kid was going skating with my kids. I loved rolling all over the place, giggling, laughing, and just having a good time. That is why I just love Juice in the City's new deal -$13 Skate Package for 2 at The RollercadeHere's the Deal - Back in the day when Benatar and Blondie ruled the airwaves, your social life revolved around the rink. Bring back those fond memories of yore and line up a skating partner while … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – When was the last time YOU had a nice dinner out?

I love going out for dinner. I am not sure if it because I don't have to worry about the prep or cleanup or if it is nice and relaxing being served. So, when Hubby and I have a night out, I often choose a fine dining restaurant to go to. This ensures that not only will will I have a nice relaxing time, but the food will be great. That is why I love the new Juice in the City Deal -$20 for $40 Worth of Fine Cuisine at Meson European … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – Want to loose that baby weight?

After three kids I can tell you that I have gained my fair share of baby weight. But, with three kids age four and under, it is hard to find something to do to get rid of those unwanted pounds. That is what I love about Baby Boot Camp, you can bring your kids with you and walk off those pounds - Plus with their Juice in the City Deal, you can do it at half the price - check it out!$29 for 4 Baby Boot Camp Classes at San Antonio LocationsHere is … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – What do you do with your old family photos?

I admit it, I am a photo hog. I LOVE photos. I have them all over, old ones, new ones... just everywhere. Unfortunatly, some of those very old ones from my great-grandparents are starting to fade. I have been a loss at what to do with them... until now, thanks to Juice in the City's new deal of...$49 PhotoBin Photo Scanning Value Kit for 400 Photos(That is A LOT of photos, wow) Here's the deal - Not sure how to manage all of those boxes … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – Mmmm… Mexican Food!

I am from the NE where Mexican food is just eh! When we moved to Texas a couple years ago I was amazed at what "REAL" Mexican food tastes like. WOW, was I missing out! This love of Mexican food has made it down to both girls (Little Man is a picky eater) and of course, since Hubby IS Hispanic, he loves it as well! So, you bet we are taking advantage of Juice in the City's new deal -$10 for $20 Worth of Cuisine at Encanto Mexican GrillHere's the … [Read more...]

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