Need a last minute memorable teacher’s gift? Teacher Peach can help!

We have been blessed with an amazing kindergarten teacher for my kids. She has been teaching for like twenty-some years and has actually had all three of my kids at different times. She is a kind teacher who always has a smile, as well as, opened arms for hugs. It is such a great feeling to watch as┬ámy Little Man, now in third grade, still runs up to his┬áKindergarten teacher for a hug, each day. He still talks to her about life and she still … [Read more...]

10 Things kids should know how to do before they turn 10!

Raising kids is not always easy... I mean we are responsible for making these kids the best they can be so that they grow up to be great adults. Well, after three kids I have come up with this short list of 10 things kids should know how to do before they turn 10! Be sure to let me know if you have anything to add :) Make their bed - I believe that teaching a child to make their bed is so much more than just making a bed. By having them … [Read more...]

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