Playbrites Magical Fun Faces – One of the toys of the season

Have you heard of Playbrites ™ Magical Fun Faces? Oh my goodness, I wouldn't be surprised if these don't become one of the biggest hits of the season... think Mr. Potato Head, meets fun-loving animals with a light... ha, ha, ha. So, we were sent two Playbrites Magical Fun Faces for the girls to check out and let me tell you, they LOVE them. With Playbrites Magical Fun Faces, children can create faces that turn into a magical light show … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide – Make it a Robot Holiday with WowWee

Make it robot holiday this year with WowWee Toys! I love WowWee Toys because they always have the latest and greatest in robot technology that the family just loves and this holiday season isn't any different. WowWee Toys sent us a couple of their new products so that we can make it a robot holiday and I am very excited to share with you. Let's start by introducing you to Chip, the most loveable, smartest robot dog.  Chip comes with … [Read more...]

Spin Master Toys & Games – Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I guarantee you that if you go to the store to shop for games and toys this holiday season, you have seen at least one or two, if not more, Spin Master Toys & Games. Better yet, you have probably already purchased at least one or have many at home. So, when I began our holiday gift guide, I knew that I had to partner with Spin Master, once again. The folks at Spin Master sent us the Zoomer Chimp, Quick Cups Game, as well as, Electronic … [Read more...]

Logic Games Perfect for the Holidays & New Year’s Eve + a Giveaway

Now, if you follow my blog, then you know that we have a slight obsession with family logic games. We love strategy games and those that really make us think. Almost every time my Brother-in-law and his family come for BBQ's, holidays, or just for fun, we end up rummaging through our game closet and choosing one game or another. This is why I knew that our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide would not be complete without all the fun kids and family logic … [Read more...]

Unlimited Games & a Dave & Buster’s #SummerofGames Prize Package Giveaway

Now that we are mid-way through Summer I can tell you that I have heard a lot of complaints about being bored. I try my best to keep the kids busy, but I tell you, life and responsibilities sometimes get in the way. Not to mention that going out for fun can be a bit expensive. Until now! Thanks to Dave & Buster's July Weekday Pass, we have been able to have a take time during the week to enjoy unlimited games and build family memories that … [Read more...]

How the Osmo game system keeps kids learning while having fun all Summer #TechToys

I will admit that at when school was coming to an end I had all these great ideas in mind on how I would keep the education going all Summer long with learning activities. I was sure that my kids would be the ones who would enter their next grades further along than where they were the last day of school. And then Summer hit and life got crazy busy. Yes, they read every day, and yes, I try to do other learning activities with them, but truth be … [Read more...]

Why the Escape the Room game makes the perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father's Day is one of the hardest holidays to shop for in this house. Both Hubby and my Father-in-law have everything they need and could want so I am always trying to come up with outside the box gift ideas. So, when I saw that ThinkFun just came out with a new game called Escape the Room I knew that it would make the best Father's Day gift ever.  You see... both Hubby and my Father-in-law are both very intelligent people who like games that … [Read more...]

April Showers means it’s time for Hasbro Games #PlayLikeHasbro

What are you doing to keep your kids busy this Spring? I can tell you that here in Texas Spring means that we finally get that rain that we have been missing all year long. Now, don't get me wrong, I love rain, but it also means that the kids can go a bit stir crazy in the house. This is when I am happy to be a part of the #PlayLikeHasbro community which keeps us stocked with the latest and greatest of Hasbro games and toys. Our new family … [Read more...]

20 Toys to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over Spring Break

*Disclosure - this post on 20 toys may  contain affiliate links, so by clicking on links you may be helping to support this blog! This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own. 20 Toys to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over Spring Break Soon the kids will be home for a week or two on break, so here are 20 toys to keep your kids entertained over spring break. All of the toys are a lot of fun and are sure to … [Read more...]

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