Schlitterbahn Waterpark; fun for children and adults of all ages… #BahnFever

While vacationing in Galveston this past week we had the opportunity to visit to Schlitterbahn Waterpark. Let me start by telling you that this was my first time going, but Hubby remembers going often as a child! Now this may be where you ask why this is my first time going, well, it is simple, I thought it was so full of slides and such that I had worried that the little ones would have nothing to do and I would be stuck sitting with them while … [Read more...]

Vacationing with teens & tots can be fun at Schlitterbahn! #BahnFever

When my sixteen-year-old step-daughter visits we struggled trying to find the right place try vacationing with teens. The problem is that there are plenty of fun places for teens, but are way too grown-up for my toddlers. This is why we are excited to visit Schlittergahn this Summer. Schlitterbahn has been the birthplace of nearly every waterpark ride innovation including the world’s first uphill water coaster and the inland surfing ride, the … [Read more...]

A Green Vacation! #BahnFever

As I told y'all last week, we are super-excited to be going to Galveston, Texas this summer. Believe me when I tell you that we definitly need the break from the day-to-day! In my last vacation post, I told you how you can schedule vacation fun at Schlitterbahn while saving money, but did you know that Schlitterbahn was 'GREEN' before 'green' was cool??? YES, you heard me, you can go on a green vacation. Check out the facts about the South Padre … [Read more...]

Vacationing on a budget- #BahnFever

This Summer we will be visiting Galveston and Hubby and I have spent A LOT of time mapping out the activities we plan to do with the kids. The tough thing is trying to figure out the best things to do as a family with a two, four, and six-year-old, without spending an arm and a leg! Vacationing n on a budget. What we look for when vacationing on a budget day-long activities! What we found is that Schlitterbahn can saves our budget because they … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Summer Travel with O3 Children’s Luggage G!VE-it-AWAY

Summer is right around the corner and like many of you; we have already booked our summer vacations. This will be the first year traveling as a complete family of three toddlers and Hubby & I… so to say that I have been stressing is an understatement, ha, ha, ha! Since I am such a planner, yes sometimes to a fault, I have been working hard to figure out the BEST way to travel with little ones. We have begun taking weekend trips here and … [Read more...]

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