National Geographic Kids PleyBoxes Unboxing & 1st Box FREE Promo

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS™ PLEYBOXES - Unboxing... Hey guys... as you know, Baby Miss and Little Miss LOVE, LOVE, LOVE unboxing, so when our friends at asked if we wanted to check out the new National Geographic Kids Junior Explorer Subscription Box, they jumped at the chance. Our first Junior Explorer kit arrived and they couldn't wait to unbox. Check out the video below: Each month of the Junior Explorer boxes includes a mission to … [Read more...]

Pley Princess Box Subscription – Non-stop fun with Merida

Oh my goodness, the girls could not be more excited, as we have partnered with Pley to check out their Princess subscription boxes. This month they received the Princess Merida box filled with toys, booklets, a tee shirt and more. Check out their unboxing video below: Subscriptions run every two months and you can even GIFT a subscription to a friend or family member. I don't know about you, but I think this would make a wonderful … [Read more...]

Nerd Block Jr. for kids August Unboxing…

So, July was a sad month for us, as we missed out on our Nerd Block Jr. Not sure why, but due to a miscommunication, somewhere, we did not recieve that month's Nerd Block Jr. for kids. Thankfully, we were able to fix the problem and receive our August block and the kids couldn't be happier. From the moment we received our Nerd Block Jr. for kids, Little Man and Little Miss begged to do their unboxing video... so without further adiou... … [Read more...]

See what is in the Summer FabFitFun box and grab a special discount #FabFitFunMamas

*Disclosure - This is a product-sponsored post on behalf of FabFitFun via Bloggin' Mamas. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and my own.  Lately, I have become obsessed with subscription boxes. I mean, what better way to learn about and try FULL sized products at a quarter of the cost? My obsession has taken me to learning about different types of subscription boxes and one in particular has  caught my eye. The … [Read more...]

June Nerd Block Jr. Unboxing with Video…

Guess what? We are so super-excited about our June Nerd Block Jr. Oh my... oh my... If you haven't watched our June Nerd Block Jr. Unboxing video, I suggest that you do because my kids were so happy with what they received. I mean, I am talking full-sized fun and play for both of them. The June Nerd Block Jr. for girls had the following: Not only did the June Nerd Block Jr. for girls include a My Little Pony Pop Set, it also included … [Read more...]

May Nerd Block Jr. Unboxing…

Guess what came in our mail last week? Our Nerd Block Jr.'s for Little Man and Little Miss! Woo hoo! Here is our May Nerd Block Jr. Unboxing... CLICK PLAY BELOW for our May Nerd Block Jr. Unboxing... Little Man received the following in his Nerd Block Jr. for Boys... Little Miss received the following in her Nerd Block Jr. for GIRLS... Little Man was most excited over the SickBricks which goes along with a game available at … [Read more...]

April Nerd Block Jr. Unboxing

Oh my goodness... So Little Man is driving me crazy. Every single day he begs to walk to the mail box with me to check to see if his Nerd Block Jr. has arrived. HA! This boy is more than obsessed. The worst is when it does come and I make him wait to open it so that I can video the April Nerd Block Jr Unboxing for you. HA! This is what I do for you, my readers... hee, hee. No, it is really okay. He doesn't mind waiting, he just asks me 24/7 if we … [Read more...]

Choosing healthy snacks begins with good habits…

I don't know about you, but do not have the best habits when it comes to eating and snacking. I try my best but sometimes could use some help on getting me started on the road to choosing healthy snacks and good habits. This is where the Good Habit Box can help. The Good Habit Box is a subscription box filled with healthy snacks making life super-simple. With free shipping nationwide, Good Habit creates and delivers boxes of small-batch, … [Read more...]

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