Teaching kids to swim with SafeSplash Swim School #iamsafesplash

Do your kids love playing in the pool? Are the comfortable putting their head under water, blowing bubbles, swimming actual strokes? Whether you answered yes or no to those questions, now is the time to think about SafeSplash Swim School... You see, my kids all received a free month of SafeSplash Swim School to try out and it was quite the experience. Let me give you some background on how important swimming is to my family. You see, I am a … [Read more...]

Kids Spring Break Styles at Kohl’s!

*Disclosure - this is a sponsored post on behalf of Kohl's. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.  Spring break is a time for families to reconnect, spend some time together, and if you are lucky, to soak up some sun. We plan our Spring break trips months in advance knowing that we want to do everything we can. Then a couple weeks before our trip, I start planning our outfits. The thing is that with … [Read more...]

Style meets support for the best performance with New Balance Kids

I was looking at childhood photos of Hubby and came across one that really made me laugh. He was wearing bright short shorts, knee-high socks, and the ugliest shoes. When I showed him the photo he told me that it was a photo of him at track practice. Can you imagine? Ha! Yes, it was the 70's, but all I can say is thank goodness fashion has come around to understanding that active people want to look great. For example, we received New Balance … [Read more...]

Now is the time to treat yourself to some Lugz w/ discount code

I don't know about you, but I am a huge fan of amazing footwear and one company that I have known and loved for years is Lugz. You see, they have been making great footwear since 1993 for the entire family. Now they are introducing their new Fall and Winter Line for Ladies and it has everything you'll need to look fashionable, be comfortable and ready to take on whatever comes your way. Now is the time to treat yourself with a new … [Read more...]

A fun fashion accessory your girls will love to show off…

With back-to-school upon us, every child is searching for ways to stand out, to be unique and to have fun. The perfect way to do so is with fun fashion accessories for backpacks. HipFits is this year's must-have collectible fashion accessory and my girls love them. This fun new clip-on fashion accessory gives girls the chance to get in on the hottest trend in accessorizing (charms and trinkets to personalize your purse) making headlines on … [Read more...]

How adult Halloween costumes can make Halloween FUN!!!

*Disclosure - this is a product-sponsored post. This does not change the fact that all views and opinions are honest and our own.  Halloween has always been a fun holiday for Hubby and I. We threw a huge Halloween bash the year we started dating and have been pretty much doing the same ever since. Every Halloween we go above and beyond to create a haunted walk through for those who dare to walk it, while making it fun for little ones. At the … [Read more...]

A girl and her nature-inspired Umi Mary Janes

There is just something about girls and Mary Janes. I mean, I remember getting my first pair of Mary Janes and it being a huge deal. Nowadays, Mary Janes are more common and have changed a bit, but I believe the sentiment is still there; especially with the Veda II Nature-Inspired Mary Janes from Umi. These pretty shoes take the plain-janes and adds a beautiful flare to them. When Little Miss began searching the Umi Children's Shoes … [Read more...]

How to mix and match clothing for back to school… #Kohls

Wow, can you believe the Summer is just about over? I totally cannot. This Summer seemed to fly by and with the new year comes a whole bunch more expenses than I expected. Between the price for Club Soccer, year-long swim, cheerleading, braces, etc, our budget is very tight, so when I discussed back-to-school shopping with Kohl's I decided that this year I am going to be smart and purchase mix and match clothing that can be worn different ways … [Read more...]

Charge on the go in style… #ChicBuds

I love to travel. There is just something about packing up and heading out that gets me pumped. Before traveling, though, I always go through the what-ifs in my head and how to make sure they don't happen. One what-if that always worries me is being without my phone. You see, I have a great phone, one that takes great photos and does so much, but with that comes a battery that never lasts. So, I am always afraid that something will happen and I … [Read more...]

Find inspiration to get out there, where you least expect it…

I don't know about you, but sometimes I need some inspiration to get up and get moving. I mean, there are times I wake up and I go to get dressed, just to come up with a dozen reasons why I can skip that morning walk or that afternoon workout. This is when I look for inspiration around me; you know... that one thing that you see that makes you say, "No, I will not skip TODAY! YES, I will get out there! Well, I am happy to say that I have … [Read more...]

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