Ultimate CASH Giveaway

Ultimate Cash Giveaway - May

Since I love all of you readers so very much, I decided to join an amazing group of bloggers to offer you a chance to win some CASH ;0 Please keep in mind that this giveaway is put together by another blogger who will be in charge of the entry form and for filling the prize... :) GIVEAWAY DETAILS Prize: $500 Cash (via Paypal) Co-hosts: Michigan Saving and More • Mom and More • Memoirs of a Clueless Woman • Jenn's Blah Blah Blog • Deb … [Read more...]

Celebrate Women’s National Awareness Month with 5 Tips for Healthy Living, Freebies & a Giveaway #SuperiorSource

Tips to Stay Healthy Giveaway

Did you know that May is Women's National Awareness Month? Yeah, I admit; I had no clue, but it is as good of a time as ever to discuss us women and our health. Just the other day I got into a discussion with a lady in the checkout line at the grocery. It turns out that this amazing woman, who happened to be very fit looking just turned sixty and actually runs ten miles a day! WOW, right? I was in awe. She explained that she lost her parents when … [Read more...]

Have fun this Summer with the H20Go! Backyard Water Slide + **a Giveaway**

Backyard Water Slide Giveaway

I can't believe school is almost over. Here in Texas, the kids have about three more weeks and I have been busy planning out camp schedules and fun activities to keep them busy. Now, since it gets well over 100 degrees here, the kids often beg to stay inside  and it can get a bit overwhelming. This is why we are so excited that we have the H20GO! Backyard Water Slide to keep them busy. We received the Triple H20GO! Backyard Water Slide to … [Read more...]

The importance of technology in the classroom & a Best Buy Education Sweeps!!! #BestBuyEducationEntry

$25K bloggers button_2

The other day I was discussing Little Man with his teachers and they mentioned the issues that they have been having acquiring the proper tech for the school. I asked her if they had contacted Best Buy Education, a direct-channel division of Best Buy® and she said she didn't even know that Best Buy offered such a department. Of course, I since technology in the classroom is so important, I had no issues telling her everything I know about Best … [Read more...]

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best In Show DVD & Digital Giveaway

Best in Show Giveaway

As you all know... we are huge Strawberry Shortcake fans, which is why we are very excited about Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best In Show available May 12th! Join Strawberry Shortcake and some new furry friends in these delightful “tails” about being yourself and encouraging others to do the same. During his road trip to find homes for his orphan puppies, Huckleberry Pie and his four-legged crew get stranded in Berry Bitty City. Luckily, … [Read more...]

Refresh naturally with premium spring water & a **Giveaway**

premium spring water giveaway

As Summer is quickly approaching many of us are on a path of getting our bodies Summer-ready. I believe it happens every Spring when we all take a look at all that Winter has done to our midsections and even skin. The first step in getting Summer-ready is to increase water consumption.  I personally drink about 60 to 90 fluid ounces of water a day. Crazy, right? But it is what is needed. It helps flush my body and keeps me hydrated. It also helps … [Read more...]

The secret to Southern Sweet Tea & a ** Giveaway **

tea and honey

The first time I joined Hubby's family at a Summer BBQ I was greeted with big smiles and a big glass of Southern Sweet Tea. Being from the North East, I had never had sweet tea and from the first sip, I was in love. After we got married, I tried duplicating the tea over and over and never seemed to get it right. Finally, one day I asked my Mother-in-law who shared a secret with me. The secret to Southern Sweet Tea is honey and a whole lot of it. … [Read more...]

Why we love our 100% Premium Soy Jewelry Candle & a **Giveaway**

jewelry candles giveaway

Have you heard of Jackpot Candles? Well, they are a new, family owned, jewelry candle company offering 100% soy, hand-poured candles, in an assortment of scents. The best part is that while burning this candle, you will find a piece of jewelry worth anywhere from $15-$5,000. I am sure you have heard of a jewelry candle, right? Well, the difference in these candles is that you can choose which type of jewelry you would like to receive in the … [Read more...]

Benefits of good posture & a Mother’s Day Giveaway

feel the benefits of good posture giveaway

One of my favorite movies is Dirty Dancing. Yes, I know; shocker, right? Ha! One part of the movie that I have always remembered was the part when Baby goes to talk to her father on the golf course and her mom shouts at her to stand up straight. Ha! Here is this teenage girl, asking her Daddy for a favor and the only thing her Mom had to say is that she was slouching. HA! Love it...  For many, mom was our first teacher. She taught us how to count … [Read more...]

$300 Target Gift Card Giveaway

Instagram Giveaway

Guess what? Well, I love you all so very much that I have joined a fun giveaway for you to enter... All you have to do is have an Instagram account and enter through the entry form below... Don't have an Instagram account? Well, it is easy to sign up for one and it is FREE. I find it fun because it is a way to stay up-to-date on all your favorite blogs or friends via photos. Prize: $300 Target Gift Card Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh … [Read more...]