Unlimited Games & a Dave & Buster’s #SummerofGames Prize Package Giveaway

Now that we are mid-way through Summer I can tell you that I have heard a lot of complaints about being bored. I try my best to keep the kids busy, but I tell you, life and responsibilities sometimes get in the way. Not to mention that going out for fun can be a bit expensive. Until now! Thanks to Dave & Buster's July Weekday Pass, we have been able to have a take time during the week to enjoy unlimited games and build family memories that … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat – How to Survive Summer & a $100 #SuperiorSource Prize Pkg Giveaway

Beat the heat is a phrase thrown around all the time when summer goes into full swing. Everyone from meteorologists to people selling ice cream and soft drinks loves to use the phrase. Down in here in Florida, though, "beat the heat" is more than a phrase, it's a must. See, Florida is actually coming on up the northern tropic, so it's not exactly cool down here. When the full heat of summer is on us, we need to be able to keep cool so we can … [Read more...]

5 Activities to make this the best Summer ever & a VISA G/C Giveaway #OREOSummerSweepstakes

Disclosure - This post was written by me through an activation with HireInfluence on behalf of OREO Cookies. Although I received compensation for participating in the campaign, all thoughts and opinions are my own.   On the last day of school I vowed to my kids that this would be the best Summer ever.... then swim team and soccer began and so far instead of being filled with relaxation and fun, it has been filled with non-stop running … [Read more...]

Secret Giveaway – $25 Little Caesar’s Gift Card

  I am so grateful to all of our subscribers that I am offering a SUBSCRIBERS only... secret giveaway. Yes, you heard me... the only way you can enter is if you are an Adventures of 8 email subscriber :) Here are the details for this secret giveaway: This secret giveaway will run from July 21st-August 1st Is opened to Adventures of 8’s readers – (see below) Is opened to the US only – The ONLY mandatory entry is that you … [Read more...]

Be the Pitmaster of Your Yard with PRI and Their Summer Sizzle – & a GIVEAWAY

Pitmaster. That's what my husband loves to be called. When he's at the grill, he is master of his domain. Whether it's something as simple as burgers or as fancy-pants as sriracha glazed shrimp, my husband can do it. He's so good at what he does on the grill, in fact, that we've made several of our friends though his grilling. PRI makes it easier than ever for him to be pitmaster of the neighborhood with their delicious honey, sea salt, and … [Read more...]

5 Tips to keep your smile bright during your Summer backyard BBQ’s & a chance to win!

Well, Summer is upon us and it is officially BBQ season. There isn't a weekend that we don't smell the smoke from someone grilling in our neighborhood. Thankfully, I have partnered with Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) to bring you these 5 Backyard BBQ tips that will ensure your smile is always bright, even after a backyard BBQ. Pass the cheese, please: Enjoy the cheese tray before your backyard BBQ meal. The calcium in cheese sticks … [Read more...]

Want in on our secret giveaways?

Are you a member of our secret giveaways group? Are you interested in our secret giveaways? Do you wonder why you don't know what is going on, on Adventures of 8? Well, let me tell you... if you follow only via FB then you are not seeing my posts since FB keeps changing their algorithms... Follow via Twitter only, well, then we probably get lost in your twitter feed. The ONLY way to really stay up-to-date on our daily reviews, info, and … [Read more...]

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