Win Brad Paisley Tickets, Free Recipes & a Walmart G/C. Giveaway


Who here loves a good cheeseburger? What about Brad Paisley? Both of my hands are up high as I am a huge fan of both, which is why I was okay with posting this post on behalf of Lunchbox, but as always, my opinions are honest and my own. I am super-excited because not only do I have an awesome contest to tell you about, there are some great recipes, as well. My favorite part of a burger is the toppings. I know, sounds crazy, but it is. A good … [Read more...]

Win a copy of Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best Friends & a FREE Printable


Do you have little girls who love Strawberry Shortcake? Oh my goodness, it is the coolest thing because I remember having a Strawberry Shortcake bedroom set when I was a kid and now here my girls are, asking for the same thing. This is why we can't wait for the release of Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best Friends on September 16th! Here is a quick synopsis of the movie... Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best Friends It’s friends first for … [Read more...]

Making a birthday tradition is easy with Petite Lemon & a Giveaway!

Petite Lemon Personalized Tee Giveaway

Are you a follower of Adventures of 8? If so, then you know that making birthdays extra special is something that I take very seriously. I think it is because I love building memories with my kids and think that traditions are something that they will always remember. For instance the morning of Baby Miss' birthday she woke up to all of us singing happy birthday to her, a birthday tradition that we do every year. Anyways, once she woke up we then … [Read more...]

Our Pink Princess Party & a Personalized Party Prize Package Giveaway (for boys & girls)

Personalized Birthday Prize Package

If you follow my Instagram page, which by the way, I suggest you do; then you know that our very own Baby Miss turned four! Wow, my baby! Of course, know that she wanted nothing other than a pink princess party and I had no problems giving in to her request. We went all out, inviting a handful of friends and cousins, as well as, Princess Cinderella, Princess Bell, and even Tinkerbell! The planning for this party started about a month before as I … [Read more...]

Go back-to-school with a KeriCure Natural Wound Care Prize Package Giveaway

Kericure giveaway

The other day we went for a walk around the neighborhood. What this means is that I walk while the kids and Hubby race from house to house, seeing who is fastest. During one of the races Little Man ended up tripping over his own feet and skinned his knee a bit. He was tough and got right up, but I could tell he was in a bit of pain. By the time we got home he was limping but wanted to go back out and play with his sisters. I knew that I needed … [Read more...]

Polaner Spreadable Fruit & VISA Gift Card Giveaway

Polaner Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Have you heard?  I am sure you know Polaner Spreadable Fruit, right?  Well, they have an awesome non-GMO project verified product line! Nice, right? Well, to celebrate, they had fans submit funny commercials and YOU can vote for your favorite and be entered to win a weekly $50 Visa card prize and a grand prize of a $100 Visa card. I personally love using Planer Spreadable Fruit in my crepes! It spreads on smoothly and add the right amount of … [Read more...]