When the weight just keeps coming off… (#NSNation, #spon)

I was talking to a friend the other day who was laughing at my new "healthy lifestyle" asking if I was the same person who years ago said that calorie counting and weighing yourself daily is ludicrous? Ha, ha, ha... you know, that really is how I felt. I never believed in dieting because it always meant not having the food I wanted and always being hungry. Well, that is NOT how Nutrisystem works; yes the smaller meals were a bit to get used to, … [Read more...]

Wow – Goodbye 14’s – Hello Comfortable Size 12’s!!! (#NSNation)

I can't believe this... my size 14 shorts are officially falling off me!!! Thanks to breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks from Nutrisystem and my new work out regime, I am more than half way to my goal of losing 50 pounds. I can't believe how great I feel. I have more energy and feel great! I was a size 8/10 when I started dating Hubby and would love to get back there! According to the BMI Chart on Nutrisystem, I am no longer Obese … [Read more...]

Didn’t Recognize Myself (#NSNation)

Have you ever had it where you look in the mirror or see a photo and think, is that really me? That just happened to me. I was searching photos of an event I went to and could not find myself. I was kind of bummed since it was a fun event and I know that the professional photographer did snap some photos of me. So, rather than look at the thumbnails, I went through each of the 99 photos. And after about twenty-five, I had to pause and think, then … [Read more...]

I Will Reach My Goal ((#NSNation)

I am shocked... just shocked!!! Hubby & I have been on Nutrisystem for almost two full months, can you believe it.  I am amazed at the confidence and energy that both Hubby and I now have. It is like we are Newlyweds, giggling, laughing and just horsing around. Though I knew he had gained weight over the years, I really didn't pay attention, but now I see him in even shorts and a tee shirt and I am like, "WOWSA!" It's crazy, our … [Read more...]

Vacation Isn’t As Stressful When You Are Smaller…(#NSNation)

Now, you may be reading the title thinking to yourself, wait, what are you saying? Let me explain... every year that I have gone on vacation one of the most stressing parts was clothing. Especially when visiting family because like most Jewish families, mine are wonderful at the 'back-handed' compliments. So, in the past I have been very nervous about what I would wear and how I would look, let alone the thought of wearing a dress or a … [Read more...]

I Am NOT the Same Person I Was…. (#NSNation Week 6)

It wasn't too long ago that I just accepted the fact that I was a big woman. I equated it to the fact that I had three kids and loved to eat well. At the same time, like Hubby always said, "I was allergic to sweat" which made working out not fun for me. I could not understand anyone's obsession with working out and between you and I, I would ignore anyone who commented about how much they loved it. In fact, I remember going to see a personal … [Read more...]

Shopping is FUN When Clothes FIT!!!! (#NSNation)

About four months ago I went shopping. Since it gets so hot here in Texas, I wanted to buy some fun and pretty summer dresses! The day of shopping did not go as planned. I am sure each of you reading this have had this day. You get your kids in line, head to the store, search through thousands of dresses, drag everyone to the dressing room, only to find out that out of the fifteen dresses you grabbed ONLY ONE looks OKAY! I was so discouraged. I … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating – While Out of the House… ((#NSNation Wk 4)

Okay - we are on week four of Nutrisystem and last weekend was kind of a test for us. You see, it was Hubby's 40th birthday weekend and we celebrated with his Best Friend who traveled here from Maryland! Since it was not only his Birthday, but also Father's Day weekend, Hubby kind of got a free pass for the weekend. He chose all of his favorite restaurants and we went on the town! But guess what, neither of us gained any weight... want to know … [Read more...]

So, I cheated… Kinda…(#NSNation)

Okay, I began on Nutrisystem three weeks ago Friday and it has been a life changer. I am watching and counting calories and learning how to eat properly. I have stuck to all Nutrisystem meals (except for breakfast, where I tend to do egg beaters, instead.) I am still learning about my add-ins, proteins and smart carbs and yes, I am still struggling a bit! What I LOVE is that so many restaurants now a days actually POST their Nutrional … [Read more...]

Accountability – in MY Weight-loss – Week 2 (#NSNation)

Well, last week I rambled quite a bit, and to tell you the truth, I think I will ramble on each of these posts. You see, weight gain and loss is something that is so hard to deal with, let alone write about. It is a personal affair, that I am sharing with the world and sometimes in order to "SHARE" I have to just ramble! Ha, ha, ha! Last week I told you that I knew I had to be accountable for my goals and weight-loss. I made a goal to exercise … [Read more...]

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