nimble/Quickie Chick Gift Set G!VE-it-AWAY (worth 109.00)

What is one of the first things we think of when we look at ourselves? Our weight and our skin, right? Well, what if there was a treat you could eat that would not only help you stay healthy, but improve your skin? Nonsense, you say? There is; it is a nimble bar, brought to us by our friends at Balance Bar. nimble, is the first bar for women that conveniently combine beauty and nutrition in a delicious, indulgent bar. Fortified with rich … [Read more...]

Father’s Day G!VE-it-Away!!! W!N a Balance Bar Father’s Day Gift Set

Hubby is a health fanatic. When I met him, he was literally in the gym for three-four hours a day. Though those huge workouts have dwindled with the arrival of our little ones, he still prides himself on playing soccer “with the boys” two times a week. The crazy thing about these games is that they are very long and take a toll on Hubby’s body; which is why I am always looking for ways to replace the energy he loses. Balance Bar®, one of … [Read more...]

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