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CHECK THE ENTRY FORM HERE to see who won the BARBAR Flat Iron and don't forget to grab your... HOT DISCOUNT CODE!!!! Be sure to use code adventures8   for a 50% discount off ANY BARBAR product valued at $50 or more – wow!!! (Valid from 11/1/13 to 12/31/13.)   … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! Learn about the BARBAR 2600 Titanium-Ionic Flat Iron & enter to WIN!

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - BARBAR, Inc. Website - Ages - Mothers, Daughters, Sisters...girls & women! My Step-daughter has very long hair. She is just like me in that she has wavy hair, it is not straight, it is not curly; it is just wavy. Well, for a six-teen year old this is horrible, I mean, like nothing worse in the world, HA! So, I watch as she spends way too much time straightening her hair with this … [Read more...]

Barbar Professional Hair Clippers Review and Giveaway

You know, my Step-Mother was a hairdresser. So, from the ageof five on, I had a professional who was pretty much always available to cut myhair. It was nice, but between you and I, I am unsure that I knew what I had,at the time. Now that I live thousands of miles away from her, I am missing mypersonal hairdresser. Especially when I learn how expensive it is to findsomeone good. Now, along the same lines, I just assumed she would always cutHubby’s … [Read more...]

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