Our get pampered like a rock star birthday party using a Rock Star Girl Party Kit

This was a huge month for us as not only are we celebrating the holidays we are also celebrating Little Miss' 6th birthday. Hard to believe that my baby girl will be six soon, as I feel like she was born just yesterday. This birthday was a big one for her because she decided that she no longer wanted the princess themed parties that we have always had for her, instead she wanted a big girl party. What did that mean? Well, she wanted something … [Read more...]

Cutie Patootie Creations Birthday Package Review and Giveaway

The nice thing about being a stay at home mom is joining aMom-Group. I am a part of a couple here in San Antonio and love them. My kidshave made some really wonderful friends and I have, as well. So, when Hubby andI discussed a family birthday get together for Baby Miss’ first birthday,Little Man was adamant that his friends had to be there to celebrate. Well,since most of my Mom friends do family things on the weekend we decided to holdtwo … [Read more...]

Princess P’s Papery Partyware Review & Giveaway

Asmost of you know, Baby Miss turned one just a month or so ago. I have so manyfeelings about this. I was excited and sad at the same time. My youngest, mybaby, is growing up. Now, I know so many people out there that do not make abig deal out of the first birthday… this includes Hubby and family, but I amnot most people. Since I have had so much tragedy in my life, I believe incelebrating every day and every birthday, including the first … [Read more...]

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