#G!veaway!!! Have you met The Zelfs? Do you Love YourZelf??? Enter to #W!N!!

Have you visited the secret garden called Zardenia? Well, if you happen to go by the twilight moon, you will find yourself face-to-face with the adorable, lovable, Zelfs! Zelfs believe in loving YourZelf and when you do, you receive special powers! Cool, right? You can find information about each Zelf in their packaging or online, for example; you can learn their bio, their Zelf Power, Fabitat (where they live,) as well as, their birthday!!! I … [Read more...]

#BlogHer13 Day 3 Recap #StarbucksRewards #MomSelectSwagSuite #ZelfYourself #HasbroParty #SouthWalton

Can you believe everything that I have already accomplished in Day One and Day Two in Chicago, yet I haven't even made it to the actual expo yet? Well, day three was just the same! It began with a morning filled with the aroma of Starbucks coffee as I was whisked away, by MomCentral on a private trolley to take a ride to Chicago's own amazing multi-level Starbucks coffee shop. We were greeted by smiles and yummy pastries as we learned all about … [Read more...]

#BlogHer13 Day One Recap…

I can't believe that BlogHer'13 has already come and gone. It seemed like just yesterday I was stressing over which ticket to purchase and where I should stay. And in the end, the whole event seemed to just fly by and I was home, taking a deep breath, looking through my 313 photos! This years BlogHer was in Chicago which was really nice for me, since my roomies, the beautiful ladies from SweepTight just happen to live in that area. They had no … [Read more...]

The effect BlogHer had on my family…

Yes, I was one of the lucky Bloggers who was able to go to Chicago to attend the BlogHer '13 conference. This was my second year going and in all honesty, I was not worried about leaving my family. As you know, my in-laws live with us, so I knew there would be three adults to take care of my three children. What I did not expect was that my six-year-old Daddy's boy would have such strong feelings about my leaving. From about a week before my … [Read more...]

BlogHer ’13 Sponsor – The Victoria Chart Company…

I am super-excited to let you all know that our friends at The Victoria Chart Company are helping me attend BlogHer in Chicago, IL next month. If you follow my blog then you should know all about The Victoria Chart Company... but let me refresh your memory! The Victoria Chart Company is your one-stop-shop for fun and engaging reward charts to assist your child in everything from everyday activities, to potty training, and sleep training. Instead … [Read more...]

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