G!veaway!!! Does It Works! Work??? Check out my final results & enter to W!N an Ultimate Body Wrap!

I can't believe that my four week trial of It Works! has come to an end. It has been such an awesome experience and I hope each and every one of you gets to experience it for yourself. If you haven't been following my trial, let me recap. I began working with Independent It Works! Representative, Amanda to try to flatten out my flabby belly. It seems after all my successful dieting, I had some extra skin and stretch marks. She suggested that I … [Read more...]

Does It Works! work??? Week 2…

So here we are on week two of my It Works! trial. If you read my post last week I began working with Independent It Works! Representative, Amanda in a one month trial of applying the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap every week, as well as daily intake of ThermoFit! She explained that the wraps are great for toning excess skin and healing stretch marks. So, I received my products and began taking the ThermoFit every morning now for one week and … [Read more...]

Does It Works! work??? Week 1…

The other day I asked on Adventures of 8's Facebook page if anyone had tried the wraps from IT Works. I had tons of responses of people asking questions and responding and the one thing was for sure, everyone wanted to know if they work. It was a few days later that I was contacted by Independent It Works Representative, Amanda to discuss reviewing the products. After explaining that I had lost a lot of weight and was struggling with my tummy … [Read more...]

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