5 Beauty Secrets to pass onto your daughters #BeautyStory

Since my Mom wasn't really in the picture, I kind of missed out on learning about beauty and products. Because of this, I had to learn what worked and what didn't. Yes, it took trial and error, but I feel after thirty-something years, I finally have it down. Here are 5 Beauty Secrets I hope to pass onto my daughters: 1. Always wash with lukewarm water, rinse with cool water- I used to wash my face in the shower with steamy water and noticed … [Read more...]

What #RealStrength is to me and how you can win 1 of 5 $100 Walgreens Gift Cards

When Hubby and I met oh so many years ago he was a body builder. He would literally spend hours at the gym and he looked amazing for it. I admit that his arms were the first thing that really got me interested in him, ha! Well, we started dating and soon got married, and though I always thought of him as a strong man, it wasn't until I watched him with our children that I saw real strength. I am talking about those days that he comes home … [Read more...]

Value Your Beauty & You Could Win a Trip to NYC

*Disclosure - this is a sponsored post on behalf of Global Influence, for Family Dollar and Dove! All views and opinions are honest and my own.  When I sat down to think of an inspiring woman for my entry into the Family Dollar and Dove sweeps for a trip to NYC, one amazing woman came to mind; my Grandma. You see, Grandma was raised in a time where women were taken care of and men did everything.  When my Grandpa passed suddenly in his early … [Read more...]

Hubby is a All-Star Dad… Enter your All-Star in the #DoveAllStarDad sweeps for a chance to WIN!

I grew up a 100% Daddy's-girl.  I thought my Daddy walked on air and would have argued if anyone told me anything different. So, when Hubby and I got married I just expected him to be as great of a Daddy as mine was. He had big shoes to fill and in the past seven years has not only filled them, he has outgrown them. You see; Hubby is the perfect Daddy, a #DoveAllStarDad. Why do I think so, you ask? Well, not only is he at every single school … [Read more...]

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