Go GREEN with Plants not Plastic tableware

As you know, we are a huge family BBQ-lover. Almost every weekend you can find us lighting up the grill and gathering to talk, laugh, and play games as a family. That being said, we were super-excited to switch out our plastic-ware for plant-ware. What? Yes, you heard me; no more using plastic or paper products, instead we use the Repurpose line of innovative, green, single-serve tableware made exclusively from plants. We now believe in Plants … [Read more...]

Entenmann’s Recycle…Reuse…Replenish Earth Day Giveaway

Earth Day is very important... it is a time we set aside to show our kid and each other the importance of saving our planet. This year I am happy to tell you that the brand we love, Entenmann’s is stepping up to help. Their Little Bites “Recycle… Reuse… Replenish” Fully Recyclable Lunch Earth Day campaign teaches kids the importance of reducing waste while earning money for their schools by redeeming Little Bites pouches for cash and points with … [Read more...]

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