offering more than just vitamins, at exceptional prices…

I have to tell you that when I heard others talking about, I had assumed they were talking about a website selling vitamins. I now know that I was very naive in my thinking as offers so much more. I was given the opportunity to pick an assortment of items to review and I was amazed at the assortment offered. Yes, you can get vitamins, supplements, and health items, but you can also purchase food items, housewares and … [Read more...]

Roll it Rite Review & Giveaway – CLOSED

FIVE Winners, chose Numbers 64, 95, 17, 20, & 52SAPsMaMa said... 64markcristy3378 said... 95Anna Galanos said... 17theirmomma said... 20shamrocksgal  said... 52Okay, so I have a question for you… Have you ever walked into the bathroom to find that your dog, cat, or child has unwrapped your whole roll of toilet paper? I know I have. My two-year-old, who has just been potty … [Read more...]

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