Hot Dealz – 10.00 for a Swarovski Crystal Elements eternity band & freee shipping!

Check out today's hot saves and dealz on Eversave! If you are not already a member, CLICK HERE to sign up for free, then come back to Adventures of 8 to find your favorite deals. If you are new to Eversave; you will get $5.00 for signing up -that you can use for any of the deals below - Note - shipping charges may be extra on deals below! And, as always, read the small print to be sure you don't need anything else with any purchase :) The … [Read more...]

Hot Dealz – Only 8 for Swarovski Crystal Bracelet & 19 for Swarovski Earrings – Both FREEEE Shipping

Don't Miss Out on these Daily Deals from Eversave! If you are NEW to Eversave, CLICK HEREto sign up for your FREE Account, then click any of the links below! Today's Save: Shirin Diamonds$8 for a Swarovski Elements crystal bracelet + free shipping! Bonus Save: Dillyeo Double Hoop Earrings$19 for a pair of Swarovski Elements hoop earrings + free shipping! Bonus Save: … [Read more...]

Hot DEALZ – 15 Buckz for a Self-Powered Phone Charger & LED Flashlight from SOS Ready

Today's Save: SOSCharger $15 for a self-powered phone charger + LED flashlight from SOS Ready Bonus Save: iChameleons $10 for two pairs of earbuds with in-line microphone + free shipping Bonus Save: Canadian Down and Feather Co. $39 for two memory foam pillows from Canadian Down and Feather Company Bonus Save: PixWraps From $29: One or two 16 x 20 … [Read more...]

Hot Dealz on Personalized Fortune Cookies, Canvases, Jewelry, & MORE….

Check out these HOT Deals on Eversave!!! Today's Save: KC Fortune Cookie Factory From $10: Giant or restaurant-style custom-message fortune cookies Bonus Save: Easy Canvas Prints $38 for an 18 x 24 gallery-wrapped photo canvas + free shipping! Bonus Save: Diamond White Organic $10 for two all-natural teeth-whitening pens Bonus Save: … [Read more...]

Half-Off All Natural Bath & Body Products, PLUS MORE….

Don't Miss Out on these Daily Deals from Eversave! If you are NEW to Eversave, CLICK HEREto sign up for your FREE Account, then click any of the links below! PLUS - if you are new to Eversave, you will receive a $10 Credit to use within 30 Days, so you can SAVE $10 on any of the deals below - WOW!!! Today's Save: ACTZ Skin Care Skin Care Essentials: $10 for $20 worth of all-natural bath and body products from ACTZ … [Read more...]

HOT Dealz – 20 for 40 worth of all-natural home supplies from Abe’s Market & MORE….

Today's Save: Abe's MarketToday's Save:$20 for $40 worth of all-natural home supplies, food, baby products and more from Abe's Market Bonus Save: PoochkisToday's Save:$26 for four pairs of Naked Slipper Socks from Poochkis Bonus Save: BabbaCoToday's Save:$45 for a three-month membership to kid-project expert BabbaCo — plus free shipping! Bonus Save: Jolly Beach … [Read more...]

HOT Mother’s Day Giftz Dealz – Only 29 Buckz for a Swarovski Crystal Tennis Bracelet PLUS More…

Today's Save: Ulinai Spoil Mom:$29 for a Philia Swarovski crystal tennis bracelet in gold or silver + free shipping! Bonus Save: Hadaki Shop Today's Save:$20 for $40 worth of fashionable handbags, totes and accessories from Hadaki Shop Bonus Save: Fujifilm Digital Camera Today's Save:$76 for a Fujifilm FinePix 14MP digital camera, shipping included Bonus Save: … [Read more...]

Hot Dealz- ONLY 15 Buckaroos for 30 Dollarz worth of Swimwear… this is a great deal

$15 for $30 worth of stylish swimwear for women sizes 8 & up from Swimsuits For All - plus free shipping! Now, I can tell you that I purchased this deal because you can actually FIND things, such as swim separates and cover-ups for $30 or less... so it is really WORTH it Click HERE to purchase this deal NOW! … [Read more...]

*HOT DEALZ* 10 Bucks for a 2-Pack of Whistle Key Finders (Boy, do I need these)

Today's Save: $10 for a two-pack of whistle key finders, shipping included! If you are NEW to Eversave - click HERE to sign up (Don't forget - you get $5 Eversave Rewards for signing up) If you already sign up for Eversave - click HERE to go directly to this deal … [Read more...]

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