Fight sensitive skin with an exederm prize package giveaway!

The other day the girls were playing in the bathroom and I ran out to get a towel, I came back to find Little Miss' face covered in soap. Normally this would freak me out, as she has really sensitive skin and any normal soap would cause a breakout, but knowing she was using exederm Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Baby Bath, I was okay! Little Miss was diagnosed with eczema just after she turned two when we struggled for months with non-stop … [Read more...]

G!VE-it-Away!!! Help Sensitive Skin by W!NNING a Bottle of exederm hydrating lotion (ends 9/20)

As you all know, Little Miss and now Baby Miss have eczema! What that means is that we can only use certain items on her sensitive skin. One of our favorite items is exederm. exederm is an amazing companythat raises the bar for hypoallergenic and sensitive skincare; it has been specially formulated to avoid harsh chemicals, unnecessary additives and unproven herbal ingredients that may irritate and cause a rash on sensitive skin or trigger an … [Read more...]

exederm Sensitive Skincare Review and Giveaway

This is what happens when Little Miss gets ahold of wipes:(Thereis nothing worse than seeing an eczema break out on your two-year-olds face oron your one-year-old’s belly… yet, no matter how much I try to avoid them, theyseem to always occur on my little ones. I try to keep the house free ofeverything that can cause a break out, but no matter how hard I try, one ofthem gets into soap in a public bathroom, lotion in my Mother-in-laws room, oreven … [Read more...]

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