Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! Give Dad a Cooper Kit Subscription; an instant ‘Dad is Awesome’ box!

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - Cooper Kit Website - Perfect for - Dads with kids ages 5-9 I love that I married a wonderful man, who is a great husband and a wonderful father! He loves spending as much quality time as he can with the kids and they love every minute of it. The thing is that Hubby is more hands on and get out and go, which gets tough during the colder months... So this holiday I wanted to get him … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! Win 1 of 3 Copies of DuckTales: Remastered Video Game

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item  - DuckTales: Remastered  Platform - XBox 360, PS3/PSN, Wii U/Nintendo, eShop on Wii U, PC Website - Ages - E for Everyone Do you have a little gamer in the house...Hubby definitly passed his love for video games onto his children. Little Man loves playing all sorts of games and just lately Little Miss has gotten into them, as well. It is great watching as all of them work … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game – the perfect gift for your little ones…

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game Website - Ages - Ages 4+ Do you have an early reader in your house? Well, we have a couple and teaching them to read is not always easy. We have tried the normal flash cards, writing words over and over, and reading books non-stop, yet sometimes the kids still struggle and get board. That is why we absolutely love the early reader treasure hunt game called … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! Learn about the Our Generation Dolls & Win a Me & You Prize Package

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - Our Generation Website - Ages - Girls ages 3+ Do you have a little girl in your life who loves dolls? Does she love playing and talking with them? Does she love to look like her doll? Well, then I have an awesome gift idea for you! Our Generation offers a wide assortment of beautiful dolls who have their own looks and personalities. Our Generation Dolls has an amazing story - Our … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! Learn about the BARBAR 2600 Titanium-Ionic Flat Iron & enter to WIN!

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - BARBAR, Inc. Website - Ages - Mothers, Daughters, Sisters...girls & women! My Step-daughter has very long hair. She is just like me in that she has wavy hair, it is not straight, it is not curly; it is just wavy. Well, for a six-teen year old this is horrible, I mean, like nothing worse in the world, HA! So, I watch as she spends way too much time straightening her hair with this … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! Take care of the ladies on your list with a $50 G/C to Misty Lady Beading

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - Misty Lady Beading Website - Ages - All the ladies on your holiday list I don't know about you, but I love hand-made items... When I purchase these items I feel like I am not just adding to some big-wigs pocket, I feel like I am getting a one-of-a-kind product. Something that was made with someones own hands. This is why I love Misty Lady Beading. Not only does she create … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! Learn about Skylanders SWAP Force and be one of three winners to win a Starter Pack

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - Skylanders SWAP Force Website - Ages - Rated E for everyone, with some cartoon violence 10+ To say that we are fans of Skylanders is a huge understatement. Little Man and Little Miss both enjoy playing Skylanders Spyro's Adventures, Skylanders Giants, and now Skylanders SWAP Force. Embark on an exciting new adventure with the Skylanders and the SWAP Force. For generations, the SWAP … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway!!! Just for Baby Prize Package Giveaway from Highlights for Kids

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - Hello! Gift Set Company - Highlights for Children Website - Perfect gift for - Newborns - 2 Years We are a huge Highlights for Children family. Our love started when both Hubby and I were little ones reading Highlights Magazine. We both have very fond memories of the magazine, so when we had kids we knew we wanted them to have the same love as we did. What we didn't know, at the time is … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! The perfect gift for all the girls on your Holiday shopping list! Two Winners will win a CHARM-IT Gift Sets!

Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - CHARM IT! Bracelet Set Website - Perfect gift for - Girls ages 5+ I don't know about the girls in your life, but mine already love to look good. They both love brushing their hair, wearing matching outfits, and love to dazzle the jewelry. They strut around like models in my jewelry, smiling and laughing. Many times I will notice that they have grabbed a bracelet or necklace from my … [Read more...]

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