*G!VE-it-AWAY* W!N a Personalize Royal Birthday Adventures Book from i see me!

Baby Miss is turning two in just a couple of short months. Birthdays and Holidays were always super exciting in my home and I try to do the same with my kids. For Holidays, such as the 4th of July, Valentine’s, and St. Patty’s Day I provide each child with a “holiday-shirt;” something special for them to wear to commemorate that day, each year. I do the same things with birthdays but with the help of I See Me, I do this by providing a special … [Read more...]

I See Me! Personalized Children’s Book Give-It-Away

My kids LOVE seeing their name in print, which is why I See Me! is one of my favorite companies.This is the second I See Me! book that wehave reviewed and my love for this company has only grown. They go above andbeyond to put a smile on the faces of children everywhere, with their hugeassortment of personalized books that are sure to fit every child’spersonality.  We chose the book Who Loves Me?  because we could personalize it for … [Read more...]

I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books Review and Giveaway

When Baby Miss was born, Little Miss was very excited tohave a sister. She constantly wanted to hold and kiss her. Unfortunately, sinceBaby Miss is now on the move, Little Miss is not so happy. She has a tendencyto push her, walk into her, or even knock her down. I think it is part ajealousy factor and part big sister factor. Since I am new to this area ofparenting, I am always opened to new ways to help Little Miss deal with herfeelings. That is … [Read more...]

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