#BlogHer12 Recap – Including #sweetSuite12 and More… Part 1

Wow, so this was my first year attending a Blogging Conference. Of course, I decided to attend the largest Blogging Conference so that I could JUMP right in... Okay, it was AMAZING!!! Really, amazing... Because I attended so many private events and parties, as well as, the actual conference... and I don't want to miss out on telling you about any of it, I had to split my BlogHer '12 post into two posts. This is post ONE, including day one and … [Read more...]

Thinking of Attending Blissdom or BlogHer ’13??? Pre-Blogging Conference Tips…

I can't believe that I have survived my first Blogging Conference! It was so amazing and I am very eager to tell you all about it and plan to do so in a number of posts.  This post will be tips PRE-BlogHer Conference... Decide if you want to attend and WHY you want to attend! This is a biggie... I know you see all the posts from Bloggers who have attended and it kind of makes you want to go. Are you a serious Blogger who wants to connect with … [Read more...]

*G!VE-it-AWAY* W!N a Finders Key Purse ® key finder – a MUST for everyone

I have a big handbag. I know it… I need it… I can’t live without it. My handbag is my life, it has everything from the necessities like a diaper, small package of wipes, wallet, sunglasses, etc…, as well as, to-go coloring books for the kids, cracker packs to keep the kids happy when we are out and more. I LOVE my handbag. My problem is that every day before I leave the house I end up wasting time looking for my keys in my “Mary Poppins Handbag!” … [Read more...]

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