Back-to-school boys shoes G!veAway! W!n a G/C to Florsheim Kids Shoes

Back-to-school means back-to-shopping for fall! Fall is the time for jeans and khaki's and the fall style this year is preppy-fabulous. Little Man was excited for back-to-school because he loves the style of fall. He loves jeans and khakis and even more, he loves his Florsheim Kids Shoes!Now, Florsheim has quite a history of well-made shoes. The fact is that when talking to my Father-in-law he said that in his time a boy became a man when he … [Read more...]

Boys Shoes G!veAway! W!n a G/C to Florsheim Kids Shoes

With Spring comes Easter and, of course, Spring photos. I don't know about you, but Spring is always the time we get the kids more dressed up for Church and I am not sure if it is the beautiful weather but we all seem to have a skip in our steps! What I really LOVE about Spring are the shoes. The girls are really easy to shop for, but Little Man; not so much! I don't know why, but he is ultra-picky about his shoes and considers himself very … [Read more...]

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