Secret Giveaway – $25 Little Caesar’s Gift Card

  I am so grateful to all of our subscribers that I am offering a SUBSCRIBERS only... secret giveaway. Yes, you heard me... the only way you can enter is if you are an Adventures of 8 email subscriber :) Here are the details for this secret giveaway: This secret giveaway will run from July 21st-August 1st Is opened to Adventures of 8’s readers – (see below) Is opened to the US only – The ONLY mandatory entry is that you … [Read more...]

Wednesday Little Caesars Flash Giveaway

  I am so excited that in just a day or so we will be opening up another awesome Little Caesars Giveaway!!! WOO HOO! To celebrate and get things started I am holding a Little Caesars FLASH GIVEAWAY A DAY until the big event opens...I have an assortment of $5 and $25.00 Gift Cards... so the winner will win either a $5 or $25 Gift Card... luck of the draw! Entering is simple -Everything happens HERE CLICK HERE and leave a comment … [Read more...]

Dinners on US G!veaway! Enter to W!N a Little Caesars Pr!ze Package

When you think of mouth-watering good pizza you thing of fresh and quality ingredients, right? Well, thankfully Little Caesars offers just that at the price you can afford! Their dough is made fresh at every store,  while their tomato sauce comes from fresh packed California tomatoes. Plus they top their yummy pizzas with only the best mozzarella and Muenster cheeses. Man, my mouth is watering just writing about it, HA!   Here are … [Read more...]

Little Caesars G/C G!veaway! Have you tried the new Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza?

One of the things about having three kids is that life is never boring. Between school, church, Mother's Day Out, gymnastics, swimming, and soccer, life is just crazy. So, picture my normal Thursday, it begins by running to drop Little Man off at school, coming home to get the girls ready for Mother's Day Out, dropping them off, running to the grocery, then run home to get an hour or two worth of work. Just as I start to relax a bit, I have to … [Read more...]

Dinners on us G!ve-Away! W!N a Little Caesars Gift Card

As y'all know we are a big family and we try to sit down for dinner together, every single night. I do my best to cook nice family meals, but admit that I do pick up food when on the run. That is why I LOVE Little Caesars, especially now that they have HOT-N-READY Caesar Wings! So, when I am out running from here and there, fretting about whether I will have time to cook, I instead drop by our local Little Caesars to pick up a … [Read more...]

Dinner’s On Us – With a Little Caesars Gift Card G!VE-it-AWAY!!

Hubby is a PIZZA Man... I believe that if I allowed it, he would eat pizza every day! The problem with ordering pizza for delivery or takeout, is that it can be expensive, especially when ordering for a family as large as ours, which is why I am ALWAYS on the lookout for hot specials and deals!   For dinnertime value, there's nobody like Little Caesars—voted Best Value in America five years in a row! Enjoy a large $5 HOT-N-READY … [Read more...]

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