MONSTERS UNIVERSITY Movie Clip… check it out

Every time the commercial comes on for the upcoming Monsters U movie Little Man gets super-excited, stops what he is doing and just gawks at the TV... Here is a fun clip of "First Contact" Clip - Get a glimpse of Mike & Sulley’s first morning as members of the Oozma Kappa brotherhood. Are you looking forward to seeing this as much as we are??? … [Read more...]

Monsters University – I can’t wait; can you???

I can't wait to see this movie and I know Little Man and Little Miss are just as excited... Feel free to press play to watch the clip below... Ever since college-bound Mike Wazowski (voice of Billy Crystal) was a little monster, he has dreamed of becoming a Scarer—and he knows better than anyone that the best Scarers come from Monsters University (MU). But during his first semester at MU, Mike’s plans are derailed when he crosses paths … [Read more...]

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