Show Your College Student That They Are LOVED, Not Snubbed with the Help of

Do you remember a bit ago that I told you about If not, let me remind you!!! is your one-stop-shop for all the goods you need for your home and more! And with some going away to College, mygofer.comĀ is the answer to keeping your college-bound kids fed and clean! Let me explain a scenario for you!!! When I went to College I was only an hour away from my parents so on a weekly basis I would go home, do laundry and raid … [Read more...]

G!VE-it-AWAY – Shopping Isn’t a Chore with – W!N an E-Gift Card!

Okay - as you know, I run a household of eight, well, seven lately because my nephew has since moved away to college. I try, I really do try to do it all; between chauffeuring the kids around, to running errands, trying to make it to the gym, etc... my schedule is very busy! One thing I HATE doing is grocery shopping, especially with the three kids. Little Miss & Little Man are always all over the place and Baby Miss is quick to add … [Read more...]

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