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Growing up there was never any juice, soda, or even milk served at the table. We were a water-only family and at the time I didn't realize how awesome that was. You see, by not offering me anything else, it was just a given that I would drink water and I never thought anything of it. Now when Little Man was born I was sure I would do the same thing to him. I wanted him to like water and choose water over any other drink... Things went well, up … [Read more...]

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I remember a time when my Mom would give me words of wisdom and I would roll my eyes and walk away! Yes, I was that girl, age eight and nine thinking that I knew everything. I remember most of these times very clearly, mostly it was before or during my summer swim meets that I remember my Mom saying "Shauna, you have to eat a good meal before a swim meet, here is a peanut butter sandwich" or "Shauna, you MUST drink water during your swim meet, no … [Read more...]

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