Good drinking water is a MUST! Check out the NewAir WCD-210BK Water Dispenser

Have you ever lived in Texas? Ugh, I moved here about six years ago and the first thing I noticed was that the water is totally different. You see, when we moved here we moved in with my Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law in this tiny little home. As soon as we arrived they explained that since they lived on the side of the mountain and had yet to get a water filtration system that the water was horrible.  I mean, so bad that I was told to cook … [Read more...]

Our NewAir Can Beverage Refrigerator keeps the drinks at the perfect temperature for our family!

As y'all know, we have a lot of people in our home. Living in a multi-generational home can be tough on someone who sometimes just needs their own space. I am sure that you would understand that though my Mother and Father-in-law and I get along fabulously, we all need our space. We have made this work easily in our home because,  though our home is not 'large' it does have a second floor that not only holds the bedrooms for Hubby & I, and … [Read more...]

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