I am D-O-N-E with the excuses and enabling… are you? (#NSNation, #spon)

I was just thinking back to my past and am in awe that though I knew I was getting bigger and bigger I just really kept making excuses and enabling my size. Now, I know you are scratching your head asking what I mean by enabling my growing size; so let me explain. My weight has ALWAYS yo-yo'd, much like many women of today, it was a constant struggle. I would go from a size six, to sixteen then back down to a ten, then back up. This has been my … [Read more...]

I am ready for summer, are you? (#NSNation, #spon)

Last week I was super-excited to be ready for our mini-vacation to our lake house. You see, we needed to get away and we were all excited to check out the indoor heated pool. As I was packing a light bulb went off; OH MY GOSH, I don't have a swim suit. You see, for the past couple years, I have been so ashamed of my body that I would literally wear  swim-shorts into the pool. Then when we went on vacation this past summer, I was constantly … [Read more...]

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