This is how we do Mexican night… #NoWayThatsFrozen

When was the last time you enjoyed Mexican night? Did you go out to dinner? I tell you, around here you can spend an arm and leg on a good Mexican restaurant or you can make it Mexican night home! With Old El Paso Frozen Entrée you can do it all. We started by finding the Old El Paso Frozen Entrées in the frozen aisle in our local grocer. When we got home, Baby Miss helped me set up the margarita and chip set that we received from Plateful Coop … [Read more...]

Fajita Night with Old El Paso

We love dinner time; I mean, it is literally a family time when we all come together to talk, chat, make plans, and discuss our lives. The easier the dinner prep, the more time I have to do homework with the kids, get reading done, or even throw up a post on Adventures of 8! This is why I am always on the look out for delicious dinner ideas that take no time to prepare. One such idea is Old El Paso Frozen entrees  in the freezer aisle of your … [Read more...]

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