Baby Shower Gift Guide – Organic Bamboo Velour, Hands-free Baby Towel is a must!

Item - Organic Bamboo Velour Baby Blanket w/Hands Free Strap Website The first time that Little Man took a bath in the tub I was scared to death. I sat right next to the tub, like a good Mama and watched every move he made. All went well until I went to take him out of the tub. I went to pick him up, but his wet, slippery body almost slid through my hands. So, I grabbed a towel, shoved it under my chin to try to hold it in … [Read more...]

G!veaway! Don’t get burned; W!n an organic sunblock pr!ze package

As you know, Baby Miss and Little Miss have very sensitive skin. What this means is that I have to be careful about anything I put on them, from body wash and lotions to sunblock I need to be sure they won't have a breakout. This is one of the reasons I fell in love with Goddess Garden Organics, who specializes in organic skin care. One of my favorite product lines is their Organic Sunscreen products that protect and nourish without harsh … [Read more...] offering more than just vitamins, at exceptional prices…

I have to tell you that when I heard others talking about, I had assumed they were talking about a website selling vitamins. I now know that I was very naive in my thinking as offers so much more. I was given the opportunity to pick an assortment of items to review and I was amazed at the assortment offered. Yes, you can get vitamins, supplements, and health items, but you can also purchase food items, housewares and … [Read more...]

Pamper your lips with an Organic Eco Lips Pr!ze Package G!ve-Away

One of the biggest problems I have since moving to Texas four years ago is dry, chapped lips. Between the dry air of Texas and the heat inside the home, my lips are struggling. I wouldn’t mind using a lip gloss or a moisturizer, but I have very sensitive skin and am always worried about the products I use. That is why I was very excited when the folks at Eco Lips contacted me about reviewing a couple of their lip balms. Eco Lips takes … [Read more...]

Ella’s Kitchen – Organic Baby Food Review & Giveaway – CLOSED chose LUCKY #93 Jeannie said... I "liked" Ella's Kitchen on Facebook, and thanked them for doing the giveaway. They say that with each child you learn something new and you do things a bit differently. That is DEFINITLY the case with me and my children. I could not nurse my son due to an illness after he was born, then I nursed my second child for four months, but as soon as she started baby food, she lost interest in nursing. … [Read more...]

Golden Eel Baby Onezie Review & Giveaway – CLOSED

40 - shamrocksgal said... I shared via FBMARCH 26, 2011 8:59 PM Okay, this is how things go at my house… “Honey, can you change the baby’s diaper?” I ask my wonderful husband. “Depends, what is she wearing?” He asks in return. You see, my husband has issues with snaps. Ha, ha, ha… he hates changing the baby if she has tons of snaps on her pants. So, when I was looking through Golden Eel’s website, I was very impressed that … [Read more...]

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