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If you follow this blog than you know that birthdays are a very big deal in our home. We go all out and make the day a very special one for the birthday child. I kind of feel that when you are in a family with more than one child, birthdays are to be cherished and the birthday child is to be spoiled in every way possible. Well, this New Years we had the opportunity to celebrate Little Mans seventh birthday. Between you and me, I am unsure of … [Read more...]

Birthdays can be extra special with a personalized tee from Petite Lemon!

We tend to go way overboard on birthdays... I mean, we don't just throw a party on the weekend, the actual birth DAY is celebrated ALL DAY! This past week we celebrated Little Miss' 5th birthday and it was amazing... The day began with Hubby and I waking Little Miss up by serenading her with the Happy Birthday song... When she finally woke up, we greeted her with a couple presents. These first presents are always her special birthday outfit. … [Read more...]

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Holiday Gift Guide Info -  Item - Petite Lemon Purchase at  - Perfect gift for - Infants & Children of all ages I love personalized items, as I believe they add just the right touch to all gifts. One of my favorite places to go for all things personalized is Petite Lemon. Offering personalized growth charts, t-shirts, posters, prints, stationary and more, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Now, you may be … [Read more...]

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It is not often that you find retailers that take as much pride in their items as Petite Lemon does. If you have not checked them out yet, I suggest that you do, as you will find beautiful personalized growth charts, poster prints, cards, stationary, and even clothing. Now the difference that I have noticed with Petite Lemon versus other retailers is that you can tell that Petite Lemon believes in what they do, offering only the highest quality … [Read more...]

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