Five steps for packing for the family for the perfect vacation!

Summer is upon us and with it comes Summer travel. Those of us with kids know that Summer vacation can be great, but planning one can be very stressful. I am not talking about booking your reservations, I am talking about packing, ha! This Summer we have a few trips in front of us and to make life easier I have come up with some steps for packing for the whole family for the perfect vacation. BEFORE PACKING you need good LUGGAGE- After years … [Read more...]

Vacation – The Days BEFORE….

Many of you who have children will get a kick out of this post - Last week was a CRAZY week for us; we ACTUALLY took our first vacation as a family - wow! I will tell you more about the actual vacation in another post, but figured I would start at the BEGINNING - the planning sessions!!! Three Days BEFORE VACATION- Do laundry for the whole family pull out suit cases shop for all last minute necessities, empty shampoo bottles to fill … [Read more...]

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