Your clothing donation can help your school… learn how and #PasstheBag

With a new year, comes new clothes, right? I don't know about you, but this holiday season we asked our family to skip to toys and give the gift of clothes, which was awesome, but now we have an over-abundance. The kids have smaller bedrooms and the girls share a room, so closet and dresser space is tight. So we decided to go through our gently used clothing and donate it to Schoola. You see, with Schoola, we know our clothing donation is going … [Read more...]

Get quality clothing & help schools in need #GivingStyle

Have you shopped for quality clothing and name brands for your kids lately? Ugh, I took Little Man shopping and not only did I spend an arm and a leg, but there was no reward from shopping. I came home and decided that I needed to check out Schoola. Do you remember a bit ago when I told you about Schoola? Well it is a website that offers you the opportunity to shop for gently-used, quality clothing for your children and when you do, you also help … [Read more...]

Back to school shopping on a budget & a 20% discount code

I can't believe that school starts here in Texas in just a few short weeks. Between you an me, things have been crazy┬ápurchasing back-to-school supplies and signing the kids up for after-school sports. Then just the other day, Little Miss reminded me that we haven't even started any of their back-to-school clothes shopping! AHHH! After looking at our budget, things will be very tight and what little money we do have will be split between the … [Read more...]

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