Bike Riding is Easy and Fun with Schwinn & #SchwinnBingoSweepstakes Giveaway Inside!

Bike riding is an integral part of a child's life. I remember riding my bike all over creation when I was a kid. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, learning to ride a bike can be scary for some kids. Thanks to Schwinn Smart Start sidewalk bikes, bike riding is easy to master for little ones. They're designed for little bodies to make the entire process easier to begin and to master. In addition to providing great bikes for the little ones to … [Read more...]

Key basics to teaching your child to ride a bike & a $400 Family Fun ride prize pack…#SchwinnSmartStart

*Disclosure -Sponsored post by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.” More FTC regulations information below. Today's kids are much different from the past. With TV, video games, and tablets in every room, it is important that as parents we remember the importance of turning off electronics and having children play outside. Playing outside not only gets kids the fresh air they need, it helps them unwind and actually use something some have … [Read more...]

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