Pampering skincare through life, pregnancy, and beyond…

If you are like me, your face tells a story. Whether you are getting up there in age, dealing with pregnancy hormones, or just exhausted from work, kids,  it all shows on your face.  You know what I mean, right? You look in the mirror and see breakouts that weren't there before and don't get me started on those bags under the eyes. HA! Thankfully, there is help out there. Belli Skincare offers a line of pampering skincare to help fight these … [Read more...]

The skincare solution for everybody; Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil

Have you ever heard of Argan Oil? Well, to tell you the truth, I hadn't until I was contacted by Eden Allure to check out their products. Eden Allure offers bottles of the Pure Argan Oil from Morocco, as well as, Beauty Bar Soaps made with the pure Argan oil. Whatever your particular concern, their fast-absorbing natural Argan oil is the multi-purpose beauty product solution. No matter your age, gender, or race, Argan oil can help you with your … [Read more...]

Freeebie Alert – get your FREEE Skincare Instant Smoothing Gel – Hurry – Limited Quantaties

  Sign up for Feeflys and get a FREE sample of Innovate® Skincare! FreeFlys is a pretty neat company that is worth signing up for. They often offer freebies for many big name-brand companies. Click HERE to sign up for Once you do, you will have to navigate through a number of promotional offers. They are very easy to skip over until you get to the Home Page where you can search easily through categories for some great … [Read more...]

exederm Sensitive Skincare Review and Giveaway

This is what happens when Little Miss gets ahold of wipes:(Thereis nothing worse than seeing an eczema break out on your two-year-olds face oron your one-year-old’s belly… yet, no matter how much I try to avoid them, theyseem to always occur on my little ones. I try to keep the house free ofeverything that can cause a break out, but no matter how hard I try, one ofthem gets into soap in a public bathroom, lotion in my Mother-in-laws room, oreven … [Read more...]

Sedu Beauty Products Review and Giveaway

You know, even though time never seems to be on my side, Ialways make time to hair dry my hair. If I don’t do this, by three pm, my hairis heavy and just blah. The problem I have always had is that my cheapie $25 hairdryer, takes FOREVER to dry my hair. Not to mention that I have had to replaceit, numerous times over the last couple years for burning up, running too hot,burning my hair, and other reasons… Now, thanks to Sedu, the amount of … [Read more...]

Just Natural Products Review

So, most of you know by now that Little Miss and I both have skin conditions. She has eczema and I have a very mild case of Psoriasis. Because of our skin issues it is hard to find soaps and lotions that we can use. The funny thing is that on top of my very mild Psoriasis, I have very oily hair. (Thanks, Dad, ha, ha, ha.) The doctor has prescribed us some medications but I hate putting things on and in my body that I can’t even pronounce. I also … [Read more...]

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