Roasted Chicken, Veggies, & Potatoes made with Pompeian EVOO & a chance to WIN a 200.00 G/C

I had the opportunity to work with Smiley360 and Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a family favorite recipe. Since we are a true meat and potatoes family, I decided on a Roasted Chicken Thighs with Veggies and Potatoes! This was super-simple to make and all in one pan, so clean up was a breeze! Ingredients - Chicken Thighs Carrots Potatoes Cauliflower Pompeian Olive Oil Lemon Juice Fresh basil and … [Read more...]

Dove Clinical Protection-antiperspirant/deodorant keeps me dry and confident #DoveClinical

It is tough for me to live in Texas because not only do I hate the heat, I tend to sweat A LOT and it is embarrassing. I have tried many different antiperspirants and have found that though I like how they keep me from sweating, my skin has a bad reaction and I break out. I am not talking about minor little bumps, like from shaving, I am talking about constant itching and scratching break out! That is why I was willing to try the dermatologist … [Read more...]

I Am FINALLY Sleeping Well… with the help of… Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Okay, so it seems that San Antonio is NUMBER 6 on the "Top 50 U.S. Most Congested Cities" List! Ha, ha, ha! No wonder I keep telling Hubby that I am allergic to San Antonio. Since we moved here in 2008, I have struggled with sinus pressure and pain, which tends to be the worst at night-time. So, add the lack of sleep to three children and I am not always a happy Mama! Now, I have seen the commercials for Breath Right®  Advanced Nasal Strips and … [Read more...]

Men, Got Gray??? Let Just for Men ® AutoStop™ Hair Color Help!

My Father-in-Law is gray... yes, I know it is a natural occurrence as you get older. The thing is that he still FEELS young at heart, so why not LOOK as young as he feels? So when I was contacted to review Just for Men ® AutoStop™ hair color, I immediately thought of him! Just for Men ® AutoStop™ hair color is super easy to use, nothing like the hair color I use where I have to mix, shake, then apply; this comes ready to use, all you have to … [Read more...]

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