Sweet and Smokey BBQ Chicken Skewers Recipe

There is nothing like throwing a family BBQ. It is a time for us all to relax, catch up, and grub on some good food. Sometimes, burgers and dogs, get old, so I like to mix things up with some yummy Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken Skewers. Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken Skewers Recipe Ingredients: Boneless and skinless chicken breasts or thighs Stubb's Dry Chicken Rub One can of ¬†pineapple chunks or one fresh pineapple cut into … [Read more...]

Southern Style Pulled Pork Recipe

The best part of being a big family is sitting around the dinner table, talking, laughing, and just enjoying life. These sit-down dinners are a must in our family as it helps us reconnect. That all being said, it is not always easy since time is of the essence and between sports, the blog, the kids, and school, taking hours to prepare dinner is not something I can do. This is why I love the Cookin' Sauces from Stubbs. ¬†I like to use the Stubb's … [Read more...]

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