Stress Less If You Can. “Stress Less 4 Health” with SSV When You Can’t – Plus a Giveaway!

Stress less and improve your health. That's key to overall health. You've heard the phrase "stress is a real killer". It might just be at turn of phrase, but it's actually true. Stress IS a killer in the long run. Studies have shown that prolonged periods of stress raise cortisol levels in the body, which promotes abdominal fat and weight gain. Stress also raises blood pressure over time and generally leads to an overall decrease in quality of … [Read more...]

Happy and Healthy New Year with SSV

Happy and healthy is the theme of my new year. It's also the theme of January's promotion from SSV. As an SSV brand ambassador, I'm so excited to bring this bundle to my readers. It's packed with supplements to help make 2017 healthy and happy by supporting our bodies, so we can have fun with the ones we love all year long. Happy and Healthy Family Fun - It Starts with Us Family fun starts with us. We can enjoy our life and our family if we're … [Read more...]

Give the Gift of Health this Season with #SuperiorSource Vitamins

Give the gift of health this holiday season with great vitamin supplements from Superior Source Vitamins. Superior Source Vitamins, or SSV, are of the highest quality and easy to take. And I am not just saying that since I am a Superior Source Ambassador, I am saying it because everyone in my family uses them and we love them. They have over 180 vitamin supplements for both young and old, and because all of their vitamins use MicroLingual® Under … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat – How to Survive Summer & a $100 #SuperiorSource Prize Pkg Giveaway

Beat the heat is a phrase thrown around all the time when summer goes into full swing. Everyone from meteorologists to people selling ice cream and soft drinks loves to use the phrase. Down in here in Florida, though, "beat the heat" is more than a phrase, it's a must. See, Florida is actually coming on up the northern tropic, so it's not exactly cool down here. When the full heat of summer is on us, we need to be able to keep cool so we can … [Read more...]

Spring 4 Health Vitamin Prize Package Giveaway & FREEBIES

Spring is in the air; especially here in Texas. Our mornings start out quite chilly then by mid afternoon it is back in the 70's or even 80's! Not to mention all the pollen in the air. What does this mean? It means that we all need to go the extra mile to stay healthy. This means drinking plenty of water, getting off the couch and exercising, eating right, and taking vitamins. We love to take Superior Source Vitamins because they … [Read more...]

Hot Deal – 25% off Vitamin B-12 #sponsored

You know that I am a Brand Ambassador for Superior Source Vitamins... so I am able to let you know about the best deals... like the deal for THIS week ONLY... Product of the Week Special: 25% 0ff Vitamin B-12 on Nov 4-8 B-12 is essential for top energy levels, heart health and mental clarity. CLICK HERE to grab this deal NOW!!! *Disclosure - this is a sponsored post... All views and opinions are honest and our own...  … [Read more...]

Hot Deal – BOGO FREE – Melatonin #sponsored

You know that I am a Brand Ambassador for Superior Source Vitamins... so I am able to let you know about the best deals... like the deal for THIS weekend ONLY: Melatonin BOGO (Buy One Get One FREE):  Fri-Sat-Sun - Nov 1-2-3 Melatonin promotes natural sleep and helps fights jet lag - I take it every night for sleep issues... CLICK HERE to go grab this deal NOW!!!   *Disclosure  - this is a sponsored post. All views and opinions are … [Read more...]

The importance of Vitamin D & a Superior Source Vitamin Prize Package G!veaway

aI have to say that in my quest for a healthy lifestyle that I have become obsessed with vitamins. They are an easy way to ensure that you get the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. This is why I am very excited to have joined with Superior Source Vitamins as a Brand Ambassador!   This month I am thrilled to tell you all about Superior Source's MicroLingual® Vitamin D! Here is something that I did not know; Based on a … [Read more...]

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