#BlogHer12 Recap – Including #sweetSuite12 and More… Part 1

Wow, so this was my first year attending a Blogging Conference. Of course, I decided to attend the largest Blogging Conference so that I could JUMP right in... Okay, it was AMAZING!!! Really, amazing... Because I attended so many private events and parties, as well as, the actual conference... and I don't want to miss out on telling you about any of it, I had to split my BlogHer '12 post into two posts. This is post ONE, including day one and … [Read more...]

#BlogHer12 Update – A Great Night at #SweetSuite12

This year I had the opportunity to attend BlogHer '12 in NYC! As it was my first time attending a conference I was super excited when I found I was invited to some amazing parties. One of those parties was the Sweet Suite Party, sponsored by The Big Toy Book! Woo Hoo! Now, I had heard about this event in particular and knew it would be amazing, so I was very excited. I teamed up with a couple of Blogging budding to make our way to the event … [Read more...]

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