What I love about San Antonio… Things to do around town…

I moved to San Antonio, Texas about five years ago, actually it was exactly five years ago this month an I have to say, it has been quite an experience. Whenever I talk to people back home one of the first things they ask is how I like San Antonio. Now, I was born and raised on the North East, so coming to San Antonio was not just a culture shock to me, but a major smack in the face of hotness. Not to mention that my allergies have been horrible … [Read more...]

Live in San Antonio? Join the Big Latch On this Saturday…

Are you looking for a mommy/family bonding event? The Big Latch On is an international breastfeeding event where moms around the globe come together to feed their children, enjoy comradery, and raise breastfeeding awareness. The count will be taken from 10:30-10:31. Every latched child during that minute will be counted. Dads, siblings, and grandparents are welcome! ________________________________________________ The Big Latch On … [Read more...]

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