Spring Break Travel Ideas

There is nothing like Spring Break Travel with the family. It is a great opportunity to spend time, chat, get to know each other again, and just relax. With Spring Break coming up, I thought I would do a round up of some great places to travel during Spring Break. Here are just some of the great places my fellow Bloggers and I suggest you add to your Spring Break travel plans. Discovering Utah - Ever thought of traveling to Utah? Here … [Read more...]

Vacation Lists – Part 2 – Back Pack Lists

In this series I am going over tips, lists, and information on traveling with a large family! At this time, we are getting ready to travel with all three kids! Yesterday I went over the Luggage List for the Kid's Luggage  Today I want to go over packing backpacks for the actual TRIP. In our trip we have a layover on each of the three flights - so we will be on six planes total. This means that we have to do everything we can to keep the … [Read more...]

Vacation Lists – Part 1 – Luggage Lists

Okay, so I am a HUGE list person! I make lists for everything. Sometimes I feel that LISTS are the only sane part of my day! Well, the biggest list I tend to make are my Vacation Lists; aka the lists I make before going on vacation. I break up the list via luggage and mark which child gets which... this seems to be the easiest for me. This year we are going on two trips at once - we will be traveling to MA, then from MA to FL! All together we … [Read more...]

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