My hair transformation & a way to win PRIZES…

I have a confession to make... even though my step-mother is a hairdresser and litterally had my hair beautiful from the age of five up, I have no clue what to do with my hair. Really... it is so strange. I see women at the gym spending time flat-ironing or blowdrying piece by peace and when they are done, they have these amazing hair transformations... Me? I have no clue where to start. Most days I even forget to brush it. AHHHH! But, every now … [Read more...]

Love the VMA fashion and hairstyles? Watch real tutorials…

Do you ever watch the MTV Video Music Awards? I am here to tell you that I am totally obsessed with them. Now, I don't watch them to see who is causing trouble or doing things they shouldn't though those things can make me laugh; ha! Instead I watch for the VMA fashion and style. I am so into seeing what the music legends and newbies are wearing and how they look. It is so much fun to see how hairstyles have changed through the years and even to … [Read more...]

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