Stay healthy through the holidays with a Superior Source Vitamin Prize Package Giveaway + BOGO FREE Vitamin C

I don't know about you, but the holidays can be exhausting! Between running from here to there, the changes in weather, and cold and flu season every place we look, it can be overwhelming. This is why it is very important to always remember to take care of yourself, take needed breaks, drink plenty of fluids, wash your hands often, and always remember to take your vitamins. One of the most important vitamins this time of year is vitamin … [Read more...]

The importance of Vitamin D & a Superior Source Vitamin Prize Package G!veaway

aI have to say that in my quest for a healthy lifestyle that I have become obsessed with vitamins. They are an easy way to ensure that you get the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. This is why I am very excited to have joined with Superior Source Vitamins as a Brand Ambassador!   This month I am thrilled to tell you all about Superior Source's MicroLingual® Vitamin D! Here is something that I did not know; Based on a … [Read more...]

G!veaway!!! Get the most out of life, naturally, with Natural Dynamix Vitamins & Supplements

It is very important to take care of ourselves, we not only have to do it for ourselves, but for our children. It seems that life is harder now more than ever and it is important to take what ever steps are necessary to promote good health. One of the ways to do so is with Natural Dynamix! Natural Dynamix offers pretty much everything you could need like Adult Gummy Vitamins, including Gummy Omega-3, Calcium DX, and Fiber DX. Each have the … [Read more...]

Vitacost – Vitamins and more…

I am so thankful every day that we have a healthy family. Each of us has our ups-and-downs, but all in all, we are pretty healthy and I plan to help us stay that way. One of the ways I do this is by being a FREE MEMBER of offers an assortment of health food products, vitamins, and every day essentials at discounted prices. Plus, for each friend you refer to Vitacost, you get rewarded! This month I was able to choose … [Read more...]

FREEE Bottle of vitamins from the FREEE Vitamin Club!!!

Here's a HOT freebie that everyone can use! Answer a short survey, and get a FREE BOTTLE of vitamins from the Free Vitamin Club! No monthly bill for signing up! Refer friends and you'll also get FREE SHIPPING! Or just pay $0.99. Click on the banner above to get your freebie!   … [Read more...]

SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins Review and Discount

Youknow, my kids do not always eat as healthy as they should, yes, I know, Ishould try harder, but sometimes I really feel we have to choose our battlesand sometimes eating all the peas on their plate is a battle I don’t alwayswin. With that being said, I do not worry that my kids are not getting thenutrients they need. Why, you may ask? Well, because every single day, my kidsask for their SmartyPants Vitamins. SmartyPants Vitamins was founded by … [Read more...]

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