What #RealStrength is to me and how you can win 1 of 5 $100 Walgreens Gift Cards

When Hubby and I met oh so many years ago he was a body builder. He would literally spend hours at the gym and he looked amazing for it. I admit that his arms were the first thing that really got me interested in him, ha! Well, we started dating and soon got married, and though I always thought of him as a strong man, it wasn't until I watched him with our children that I saw real strength. I am talking about those days that he comes home … [Read more...]

Save now on hair care and styling products at Walgreens

Oh my goodness, my hair can be so frustrating. It is very oily and very wavy. No, it is not curly, nor strait; it is right in the middle. I have been to many different hair dressers and each are shocked that my hair is so oily because evidently people who have thick wavy hair normally do not have issues with it being oily... except for me. HA! What do I do to take care of my hair? Well, first of all, I have to wash it daily. Next I have to use an … [Read more...]

Don’t wait for the truck, make an ice cream run! #IceCreamRun

It has officially begun, no, not Summer, but Texas Summer where temperatures pass the 100 degree mark. Wow, right? Yup, I despise Texas Summers, since I am a girl from the North East who is not used to the heat. If I'm not not in the AC I am in the pool or trying to find ways to beat the heat. For example, the other day I was running around with the kids. Baby Miss was in a cranky mood and wanted to be Princess Snow White and Little Man thought … [Read more...]

$50 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway

Do you shop at Walgreens? We have one right up the street from us and it is our go-to for last minute items, as well  as our wellness products. I am very excited because this month, you'll get 2,000 Balance Rewards points ($2) when you buy two or more participating Simple skin care products at Walgreens. Even better, when you use your card, Simple skin care products are BOGO50%. If you are a fan of the Simple line, you'll be excited to know … [Read more...]

My singer choices from The Voice & two FREE music downloads

Hubby and I have been a fan of  The Voice since season one. We have switched from Team Adam on season one to Team Christina on season two, then onto Team Blake. Last year we followed our favorite Cassadee Pope and even purchased her first CD. In all honesty, I think this season has been the best. Offering powerhouse singers like Sisaundra Lewis, as well as rockers like Kat Perkins there has been someone for every music fan.  So far this season … [Read more...]

New care for stunning hair! I got to #TryAndTell – will you?

One of the best things about living down the street from a Walgreens is that I am always able to stop in to wander the aisles. I could literally spend hours looking at all the new products that grace the shelves, ha! Lately I have become obsessed with hair care products and am super-excited about three new products that have come to my attention: Dove® Advanced Hair Series with Oxygen moisture, TRESemmé® Keratin Smooth kit, and the new line … [Read more...]

Check out the creative gifts that I came up with thanks to the Walgreens holiday gift guide! #HappyAllTheWay

I have to say that Holiday Shopping is one of my most-favorite things to do. I love thinking about the person I am buying for and finding the perfect and most creative gifts for him or her. I love thinking outside the box and putting gift packages together based on a theme or idea. Of course I like to save time and money, as well, which is why I like to do my homework and really think things through before just showing up at a store. I often look … [Read more...]

Get your flu vaccine at Walgreens and you could help save a life! #GiveAShot #cbias #Shop

    Last year I went to get my yearly physical and the nurse asked me if I was up-to-date on my vaccines. I told her that I was sure my Mama took care of all of that when I was a child and she smiled and explained that even adults need vaccines. Wow, really? I had absolutely no clue, so of course I had to do some homework on the matter. What I found out is that one actually never outgrows the need for vaccines, just depending on … [Read more...]

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