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I know many of you read ‘The Adventures of My Family of 8’ and think – Wow, six kids… Well, we don’t have six kids, instead we have a multi-generational home that consists of Hubby & I, our three kids, my In-Laws, and my part-time step-daughter. On top of that, my brother moved in with us, as well… to attend college here in Texas.

Torres Family 32 ColorAdventures of 8 came to life in 2011 as a hobby because I followed other blogs and wanted something of my own. Let me rephrase that, after the birth of our third child, I needed something that was my own. I loved sharing day-to-day happenings, as well as, family-friendly reviews and giveaways. Over time, it has gone from a hobby to a full-on passion. Now the whole family gets excited when UPS comes to the door and I feel a great sense of pride in all that we have become.

Who we are:

ShaunaShauna – I am the full-time wife, Mom, and writer of Adventures of 8. A couple of years ago I decided to make a lifestyle change to become a healthier me. Since starting my journey, I have lost over thirty pounds and am still working towards my goals. I try to balance my day-to-day life  with Adventures of 8 and pride myself on doing so.

What I offer Adventures of 8 – I have a unique writing style where I don’t just copy and paste from websites, instead I tell the story of your product, from our first reaction to how we used the product. I spend a lot of time taking photos and information on your product. Once I am ready to write the review I spend even more time making sure each photo is just perfect. After the review is written I optimize the SEO, check the links, then once it is posted I begin promoting on all social sites.

What products do I specialize in – Everything family-friendly. I have featured everything from makeup and accessories to clothing and shoes. I cook nightly for our family, so food products are always nice, as well…

HubbyHubby – Hubby is the man behind the scenes. He is an amazing husband and supporter of me, yet somehow still has time to be an exceptional father and provider for our family. We have a family-run home improvement company, for which Hubby runs.

What Hubby offers Adventures of 8 – He is the man behind every home improvement post, tech, and DIY post. He stays up-to-date on all new products coming out and loves to share what he has learned.

What products does he specialize in – Hubby specializes in everything to do with gadgets and tech, as well as, tools, and home appliances.

Little ManLittle Man – Little Man is nine-years-old and is an exceptional young man. He excels at school, reading, soccer, and swimming. He loves everything Marvel and D.C. Comics. He is a great helper around the house and a sweet and loving big brother. He loves doing product reviews, especially video reviews.

What does Little Man do for Adventures of 8 – Little Man is the face of almost all Marvel and boy posts. He has no issues posing for photos or even recording his own review of a product.  He loves reviewing video games, toys, clothing, shoes, and pretty much anything I ask of him.

Little MissLittle Miss – Little Miss is seven-years-old and is our little artist. She spends all of her spare time coloring and drawing beautiful pictures. She loves to learn and is well on her way to reading.

What does Little Miss do for Adventures of 8 – Little Miss is the model of pretty much everything. If a new product comes in she is the first one who will beg to show how to use it in pictures. She specializes in toys and clothing and especially loves accessories and shoes. Little Miss also struggles with allergy-induced asthma, as well as, eczema so she is the star of all of our natural product posts.

Baby MissBaby Miss – Baby Miss, age five, is our little Diva. She will only wear dresses that help her swirl and loves to make everyone around her laugh. She is full of energy and will talk your ear off.

What does Baby Miss bring to Adventures of 8 – Baby Miss is present for almost all food and kitchen reviews. She is my number one helper in the kitchen and has a place on the counter that she likes to sit on to help, every night. She loves fashion and style.

Why work with us?

Adventures of 8 is not your everyday blog. We work together to bring only the best features and well-put-together reviews and giveaways to our readers. We have worked as a family to review family vacation destinations, water parks, theme parks, as well as local events.

Blog Stats: (March -2016)

Facebook Fans: 33,080
Twitter Followers: 26,900
Pinterest Followers: 5,700
Instagram Followers: 3,354
G+ Circles: 2,631
YouTube Subscribers: 1,756
Page Rank: 2
Alexa Rank: 63,815
Email Subscribers: 22,000





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