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Sponsoring a review/giveaway combination on the Adventures of My Family of 8 is a great option because once new potential customers have read my review of your product on the Adventures of My Family of 8, and have become excited; they have a chance to try your product for themselves. This is a perfect way to advertise since it brings your product to a new potential customer, plus it also brings new potential customers to your website and social sites. Entrants to my giveaways are required to go to your website to check out your products then must answer a question pertinent to your product, such as; “which product most interests you and why.”  On top of getting new eyes on your website, it gives you some feedback as to the interest of the public. In addition to that, they have the option to “like” your Facebook page, “follow” your Twitter page, and/or “heart” your Etsy page, to earn extra entries into the giveaway. I promote all review/giveaway combinations on all my social sites, mom boards, groups, and on over 120 Giveaway Linkies, eighteen Giveaway Directories.

I have a slightly different writing style then some other Mom Blogs who may have contacted you in the past. I do not just cut and paste information from your website as my review, I take time to try your product, taking many photos and sometimes video of my family members USING your product, then I write my review explaining how we used the product, how it felt, and how it worked.

I am affiliated with many blogger communities so I am able to promote your product to the fullest extent. Please feel free to contact me for my most up-to-date Media Kit, stats and numbers.

Choice Three – Advertising

Adventures of My Family of 8 offers many Advertising options to fit most budgets! If you are interested in Advertising via Sponsored Post or Logo/Sidebar Advertising, please email me, at Adventuresof8(at)yahoo or fill out the form HERE for your options.

Choice Four – Sponsorship to BlogHer ’13

Adventures of My Family of 8 is also looking for a sponsor to attend BlogHer’13 – so if you are looking for a way to get your product nationally recognized, this may be the perfect opportunity for you!  If interested, please contact me at Adventuresof8(at)yahoo or fill out the form HERE  for the BlogHer ’13 Sponsorship information! Sponsorship packages begin at ONLY $200.00!

Media Kit –

As of April, 2019 Adventures of 8 has almost 30,000 Facebook Fans, over 13,000 Twitter Followers, and over 8,000 Blog Subscribers. Since our numbers are raising every day, please contact at Adventuresof8(at)yahoo or fill out the form HERE for our most up-to-date Media Kit, including Blog Subscribers and Social Networking Followers.