Have you heard of Cuddly, the wearable children’s blanket? This is the softest, most cuddly item out there and it is totally cool. This is an actual blanket with sleeves, perfect for nap-time, car-safety, and even just cuddle time.

Cuddly Wearable BlanketNow, let me start by telling you about when the Cuddly arrived at our house. I removed it from the box and put it aside on a table for my weekly blog photo shoots. Well, Baby Miss came across it and went crazy over it. She picked it up, hugged it and felt how soft it was, immediately, begging me to open it and would not stop bugging me until I gave in. Ha! When she realized she could actually wear the blanket she flipped, running around the house showing everyone her new ‘gift!’

The Cuddly, available at ShopBabyMoon.com, can be worn on the arms for front or back coverage. Great use for use in the car, over the straps – which is awesome for car seat safety (CLICK HERE to see my car seat safety post), in the stroller, outdoor, for cuddly-time and more!

Car Seat Safety 2

Little Miss loves wearing it in the car, as it keeps her warm and Baby Miss loves to get her cuddles in at home!

Children’s Wearable blanket I totally love that the sleeves are really over-sized, so they enable freedom and mobility to stay active. The girls really love that they can choose whether or not to keep their hands in the sleeves for extra warmth.

Children’s wearable blanket 5Oh and did I mention that it is machine-washable and made in the USA? All in all, I am totally sold on this item, as are my kids and I would recommend it to anyone with children!


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