Anyone that is serious about buying a new mattress will want to set a budget as soon as possible.

This is a big decision and it is one most people end up making in their lives at least a few times. If you are on the market in the hopes of discovering a gem, it’s best to know the average cost of a mattress at your local stores.

Here’s more on average costs and what to consider before buying on a budget.

Average Cost of a Mattress

It’s important to realize the mattress industry is a widespread one and is going to include a number of mattresses. There are budget options and some of the more expensive variations on the planet often situated in the same store! This is why you want to think about these options in detail and only choose one that is going to suit your budget.

However, to answer the question of this article, it is going to come around to be approximately $500 for a queen-sized mattress.

Things To Consider

1) Size of the Mattress

It starts with the size of the mattress and this is always going to matter when it comes to pricing. If you have a budget that is going to dictate your purchase then it is best to know what size is ideal for your room.

For some, there is no need to go ahead and buy a king-sized mattress when a queen-sized alternative is more than enough. Smaller sizes will be far more affordable and should be considered.

2) Materials

What type of material is being used to build the mattress?

There is no value in setting a budget if you don’t know how the materials are going to average into the price. For example, latex mattresses end up being more expensive than foam when compared to each other while hybrids can go even higher! This shows how important it is to know what each material has to offer and which one is going to work for your body during the night. If you don’t have these answers, it can become quite the battle to figure things out at a local store.

3) Brands

Brands are just as big in mattresses as they are in almost any other sector of the market. It’s just like heading into an expensive clothing store and looking at a sweater that is overpriced.

You want to make sure brands don’t get in the way of your purchasing process. However, the larger brands do come up with high-quality deals and will have their manufacturing processes down to a tee. It’s all about knowing what you want going into the process, so you are not duped by the name on the mattress instead of its actual quality.

4) Warranty

The warranty is going to have a role to play and it is something people don’t consider as much as they should. This has to do with assuming the mattress is going to be good to go for a long time to come when that’s not always the case! Instead of doing this, you should focus on the warranty as soon as you get the chance.

This will ensure they do offer some type of protection as you make a decision one way or another.

The warranty will vary depending on the mattress and store, but you will want some protection on the asset as soon as the purchase is made.

5) Features

Yes, each mattress comes along with a set list of features and it’s important to know more about them before buying. For example, some mattresses can move up and down, while others are going to have built-in padding that provides extra cushioning for your body. Each mattress has something that helps separate it from the rest and that is what you want to account for while finding the deal best-suited for your room and budget.

This is how a good purchase is made!

Final Thoughts

These are the details that are going to matter as you hope to find a great mattress as soon as you get the opportunity to do so. Keep sticking to a set checklist and budget ensuring the decision is in line with your criteria.


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