Most drivers are aware of the dangers of driving without insurance protection. In addition to the risk, if you spend 30 days or more without any car insurance policy, you may even be considered a higher risk driver and forced to pay higher rates for future car insurance. Can I buy car insurance for one day?

What is one day car insurance?

One-day car insurance policies do not exist as a temporary car insurance offer. Most insurance companies offer short-term policies that will protect you for at least six months. However, there are ways to insure your car for one day.

When looking for a one-day car insurance policy, it is especially important to pay attention to fraud. No reputable car insurance provider offers one-day car insurance policies, but some companies pretend to be short-term providers to obtain your personal information.

How to find cheap one-day car insurance

If you want cheap one-day car insurance, look around for policies using our comparison to find the right deal.

One day car insurance is a good option if you only need 24-hour protection and is cheaper than buying an annual policy and canceling it.

Can I buy car insurance for one day?

Before submitting your application, check the policy acceptance requirements, including:

  • The minimum age you must have to take out a one-day policy.
  • The maximum value of the vehicle that you can get. Any vehicles costing above this amount will not be insured.

Standard surplus to be paid in the event of a claim. Here’s more about how car insurance surplus works.

When is daily car insurance the best option?

There are many situations where car insurance for one day can be beneficial for a long-term policy. People receive one of our temporary car insurance policies for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common are:

  • Borrowing a friend’s car for a day or two
  • Sharing rides with friends
  • Using someone’s car in an emergency
  • When you don’t know exactly how long you will need
  • Taking the SORN vehicle on MOT
  • When taxing a car
  • Test driving a new car
  • Driving a new car home

It’s just one day. Is it really worth it?

Unfortunately, some people have a hard time learning that giving up car insurance – even for a day – can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Jason was not injured in the accident that destroyed his child. While average claims for car accidents are over $ 3,000, only one damage costs on average over $ 15,000.



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